Monday, March 18, 2013

Angel's Pizza's Lenten Share

Not that to make Lenten Season more exciting, since we all know that this season should be all bout repenting for our sins and practicing abstinence and fasting, but after tasting these delectable offerings from Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo, I guess, eating a non-meat pizza is somehow to keep us going.

Last week, I had another pizza indulgence at Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo in Makati Avenue, Makati City. I'm honestly doubtful if I'm gonna enjoy it because I'm really controlling myself from eating a lot, but when I saw how mouthwatering these two new flavors - Garlic and Shrimp and the Margherita - I couldn't help but to ask for more hot sauce! Haha!

Great to make your hard-work days a little relaxing, the Margherita offers a nice bite of freshness from its hot out-of-the-over crust perfectly giving the red sauce and basil leaf that nice bite that any vegetarian could appreciate. I was able to taste something like this before, and I must say that no matter what, may it be thick crust or thin crust, the burst of healthiness from the aroma of the basil leaf is something that I will always enjoy.

As for the other pizza, receiving the Garlic and Shrimp that hot, with those cheese melting right under our noses was something that convinced me that i made the right choice. Some may not appreciate the combination, but the tip that I could give I guess is to add a drop of hot sauce to every bit can make a difference.

How I wish that the crust is a little thinner lang. The flavor of the cheese and shrimp was okay with me, I was able to finish five slices of this actually, and I never thought that it could be that filling, but yeah, thank God that I have a soda on my side. Haha!

Next time, I'll try those Calzone and hopefully by that time, I'll get to have that Angel's Pizza Club Card so that I'll get freebies on my succeeding purchases. Hehe.

Thank you, Angel's! may we all have a peaceful and meaningful Lent!
Happy eating!

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