Friday, March 15, 2013

Taters: That Snack You Just Love to Have!

I'm not a movie goer, really. But if there's a movie that I wanna watch, I made sure that I'm one of those crazy peeps falling in to see that. And of course, I also made sure that I go inside the movie house ready. And by ready, I mean with some snacks on my hands to make the experience more fulfilling. And of course, one snack that I won't deny I got addicted is the Taters potato chips!

I mean, who wouldn't get addicted with that Sour Cream flavor that gives you that pleasing taste that always - ALWAYS - match to the movies theme, may it be comedy, action, sci-fi or drama. But did you know that aside from these amazing healthy snack, Taters has also mouth-watering sandwiches that are equally delicious!

Last day, despite of my attempt to step back from anything that is so delicious since I'm on a controlled diet, I sunk my fangs to these Taters' delicious sandwiches that I find fitting for the Lenten Season too. I just opted for the one that looks light for my tummy actually, and to my surprise, I never thought that I'll enjoy it!

Fish Fillet Ole - Php105.00 (combo - Php160.00)

Perfectly cooked fish fillet with tomatoes and dressing that gives that healthy vibe right for the season of Lent. But one this that amazed me while chomping this delicious piece was the bun the I think is made of wheat and just made my snacking more healthier!

The combo would somehow look like the one above, but since their popcorn , French fries and Tater Tots are delicious too, I opted to have the solo order of the sandwich and have a pack of each of their ever flavorful sidings.

I tell you, movie going will never ever be complete without Taters beside you! And with that sandwich now on my must-have list, I guess all that I'd be needing is a date that can serve as my Prince Charming too. Hahaha!

Happy eating, guys!

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