Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New Korean Food Experience at Woo Galbi

The East Wing of Shangri-La Plaza is definitely stealing every foodie attention lately, because with the addition of one great restaurant to another great restaurant, I mean, how could you not love the place, right? And now, adding more spice to their great selection, a Korean House is ready to share a modernize Korean cuisine that seriously filled my tummy and made me realize that there is really something about Korean food to love! Tara and let's lafang to Woo Galbi!

Located at the posh 6th Level of Shangri-la Plaza in EDSA, Woo Galbi Korean House is under the umbrella of iFoods Inc. that is also the group behind Stackers Burger Cafe, Parmigiano, Peri-Peri, Kogi Bulgogi and Miso Ten, which is also one of the latest babies of the company.

Woo Galbi Korean House's interior is way far too modernized to start with. The cozy feel and the the magnificent lighting is just perfect to pump up one's appetite. I personally love their wall decors and the lamps! The tables and chair look exquisite too, which can suit to simple night out with special someone or family weekend dining.

Just like any Korean dining, every guests here will be serve with the usual Korean appetizers such as Kimchi,  mungo bean sprout, cucumber and then some. And of course, among these, the Kimchi is still the best for me.


I'm honestly not a fan of super spicy food, but I won't mind having from time to time. And since I'm not really aware as to how hot the dishes here in Woo Galbi are going to be, I order their Mango Jubilee Smoothiee to somehow rescue my tongue in case a dish fires up.

Mango Jubilee Smoothie - Php140.00

Sam Gyup Sam Ssam is a slow roast the grilled pork belly. And here in Woo Galbi, they made this famous Korean dish comes in a bite-size form, which I think is more appetizing. The perfectly brown pork skin covering the pink pork fat and tender-looking pork meat is nicely matched with Japanese rice making it almost a complete meal set.

Sam Gyup Sam Ssam - Woo's Version - Php351.00

Every order of this dish comes with rice, lettuce, scallion salad, sauce and pepperoni. This is my first time to try this dish, and though it reminded me of our very own Lechon Kawali, the taste and the aroma is still Korean that will delight Korean food lovers out there.

For a unique Eastern and Western fusion, burger junkies will be happy to try these sliders.

Tteok-Galbi Sliders - Php275.00

Beef meatballs with pickled veggies, drizzled with Woo Galbi's very own ssam sauce and pepperoncinis is what these Tteok-Galbi Slider are made of. The beef patties gave me this impression that I'm having this longganisa burger but in a more delicious way. Just two of these kind can fill you up already, but if you are really hungry, I'm sure these next dishes are perfect to calm your nerves and will give you more of that Korean feel.

Galbi Jjim is Korea's version of Chinese Pata Tim, and since I'm a huge, huge Pata Tim fan, I really enjoyed having this one. With a little spice to give that Korean kick, this dish is almost perfect for a group of 4-5 since every bit is really tasty.

Galbi Jjim - Php465.00

A perfect rice partner, this dish is a must-have here in Woo Galbi. Just make sure that you're appetite is ready. Hehehe!

If in other restaurants you can have this shabu-shabu style of dining table, here in Woo Galbi, they are giving their guests a more homey experience with this table top bulgogi.

Table Top Bulgogi - Php478.00

Order the kind of bulgogi that you want base on the menu, and the waiters will bring you this table top gas range with your choice of dish. You can have it cook right in front of you and keep the food hot or you can have the waiter cook it for you on a separate table. I find it fun, really, just be careful if you have kids with you, okay?

The last one that we had, which somehow serve as our dessert, though it wasn't really sweet, was the Woohoo! Roll. Woo Galbi's version of poached prawn with veggie.

Woohoo! Roll - Php345.00

And this last dish simply completed our wonderful experience here in Woo Galbi. I will definitely come back for more of their offerings, and will still have some of these dishes that I already had because I believe that there's nothing more sweeter for a lafanggero than having his favorite dishes the second time around! Hahaha!

Thank you and congratulations, Woo Galbi! Until next time!
Happy eating!

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