Tuesday, July 16, 2013

All-time Favorite from Pinkberry - Strawberry!

I guess Pinkberry wouldn't as pink as it should be without one of the world's all-time favorite flavors in their stores, right? And so, as this unique flavor finally hits their Philippine stores, I'm sure that more and more yogurt lovers will fall deeply in love with Pinkberry, most specially now that they finally have Strawberry Pinkberry

Strawberry, being on one-of-a-kind flavor that tastes just like the fruit itself is what Pinkberry sharing to us in this cold rainy season. Perfect to pair with their distinct and delicious toppings, I was able to enjoy that and a whole lot more last time as I was invited to food taste every cool combination they have prepared for their guests: Strawberry Classic (fresh strawberries and balsamic glaze), Strawberry Truffle (fresh strawberries, milk chocolate crunch and a waffle cookie), Strawberry Squeeze (fresh strawberries, fresh watermelon and watermelon puree), Strawberry Crunch (fresh strawberries, low fat oats honey granola, toasted almonds), and finally, the Strawberry Duet (fresh strawberries, raspberry, coconut).

Everything made the strawberry flavor really exciting, but for me, the one that really gave me this sweet and relaxing flavor fit for this kind of weather that we are having is the Strawberry Truffles.

Strawberry Truffles

Aside from the frozen yogurt, I was also able to try their frozen Smoothie and Shake, which is made with nonfat milk, Pinkberry yogurt flavor and toppings. The Smoothie and Shake comes in Chocolate Banana Shake, which is combination of chocolate Pinkberry, nonfat milk, banana. If you love that banana and peanut butter idea, you will certainly enjoy this one. The Banana Smoothie, which is made of original Pinkberry, nonfat milk, banana, is basically a good after-workout drink. And the last and my most favorite, the Strawberry Banana Smoothie, which is made of Strawberry Pinkberry, nonfat milk, strawberries, banana, which I believe you have to try for yourselves to know why I love it.

Pinkberry assures that their premium frozen yogurt is made with only the highest quality of ingredients, starting with real nonfat yogurt and fresh nonfat milk that are blended well to give that perfect balance of tangy and sweet, resulting in a refreshing, clean and crave-able taste. 

Their fruit toppings are also served in their highest quality and cut daily in each and every store to guarantee both quality and freshness. Pinkberry just wanted for everyone to know that the fruit is never canned, frozen or sitting in water. The Pinkberry dry toppings have been selected to provide a taste and texture combination to perfectly match the Pinkberry signature tang. And with the thousands of combinations that anyone can have using Pinkberry’s signature yogurt, fresh fruit, dry, or liquid toppings, everyone is invited to create their own Pinkberry masterpiece.

As an added delight to those who just can get away with their favorite frozen yogurt brand, we can now purchase a 25-ounce Pinkberry swirled-to-order through the Pinkberry Take Home. Equivalent to five small Pinkberry servings, Pinkberry Take Home lets the fro-yo lovers enjoy the fresh taste of Pinkberry at home with their family and friends.

The new and exciting Strawberry Pinkberry and new frozen Smoothie and Shake are now available at Pinkberry Greenbelt 5, Pinkberry Power Plant Mall, Rockwell and at their new store at Pinkberry SM Aura Premier. Log on to visit www.pinkberry.com.ph for more sweet and healthy news, or you can also like Pinkberry on Facebook www.facebook.com/PinkberryPhilippines or follow them on Twitter @PinkberryPH and Instagram @PinkberryPH!

Happy eating!

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