Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Krispy Kreme presents Monster University

Kids and kids at heart will definitely enjoy the latest creations from one of the world's best tasting doughnuts as they present our much-love creatures that never fails to give us happiness and learning - the Monster University.

Led by the characters of Mike, Sully, Randy, Terri terri, Art and Squishy, Krispy Kreme presents these six delectable doughnuts that comes in great and enjoyable flavors fit to awaken the doughnut monster or monsters in you. And I had a wonderful time sharing these delectable last weekend with my nieces who adore the characters so much!

And albeit we just had four of the available kinds, we had a fun time tasting every sweet flavor found in every bite. And I personally like Mike Doughnut because it had these Jelly Beans that add more chewiness and sweetness to this whole monsterrific adventure!

Lastly, since these sweets are just in the time for the world-release of the much-awaited sequel of Monster Inc. by Disney-Pixar, you can enjoy these just before you watch the amazing animation movie or right after it because Krispy Kreme stores are all of the world! Hahaha!

So, what are you waiting for, grab a dozen or two of these colorful fun treats from Krispy Kreme now as you enjoy the now box office family movie in the cinemas!

Happy eating and happy watching!

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