Thursday, September 24, 2015

My Korean Consolation

Braving the metro's traffic is probably one of the craziest thing I did a few days back. I didn't know what comes into my mind that day to take the MRT, and join the commuting public of the eastern part of the metro as they hurried back home. I found myself lost at Shaw Boulevard until my phone beeps with a notification stating that my Uber driver is about to pick me.

I could just take a ride back home, but my tummy mumbles in hungers asking for some good dinner. It was already 8 p.m. then - a 2 hour travel time from SM Mall of Asia, I reminded myself. So, instead of asking the driver to take me home, I told him to bring me to Estancia Mall in Capitol Commons, where my friends are waiting for me.

With my hunger that night, I couldn't wait for more hours to eat dinner, good thing I Am Kim, a fun quirky Korean restaurant at the lower level of Estancia Mall offers a good Bibimbap in a quick span of time.

Bibimbap, the Korean staple of a bowl of rice, meat, vegetables and condiments, is the star at I Am Kim. While most of the Korean restaurants in the country offers this start dish in a more conventional way, here at I Am Kim, they made it fun-looking as guests can create their own canvas of Bibimbap.

Complementing well with the store's relaxed and casual setting, I Am Kim's Bibimbap or "Baps" as they call it, may be created out of their selection of various rice; black, red, brown, Japanese white, and kimchi fried rice. As for the sauces , they have 9 different sauces that are all made fresh in house. For the  filling, I Am Kim takes pride of their wonderful selection starting with fresh raw salmon, tuna, marinated prawns, to spicy pork belly, beef bulgogi and short ribs, to chicken, barbecued upon order. 

Bibimbap wouldn't be complete without vegetables, so here at I Am Kim, guests can choose between shitake mushrooms, spinach, Korean beansprouts and other fresh produce. All our bibimbaps are served in stone bowls not only to keep them piping hot but also to get the desired crust at the bottom of the bowl. 

All of those sounds, really nice, right? But if you are coming like me who's very hungry, building one's Bibimbap might be too much work, good thing I Am Kim has composed baps that are all set and ready for the enjoyment. I had their Umami Bomb, which is a combination of Korena Sausage, BBQ Chicken, Fried Tofu, Spinach, Carrots, Beansprouts, Mushrooms, Teppan, Goucochang, Umami Butter, Bulgogi Sauce and Sous Vide Egg.

Umami Bomb - Php390.00

Aside from Bibimbap, I also enjoyed other Korean staples that are on their menu, like their Quesadilla and the amazing Korean Fried Dumpling, which is served with the very flavorful Shiso Leaf - my new favorite!


Korean Fried Dumpling - Php150.00

So, if ever you are stuck in traffic, and it happens you are around Shaw Boulevard, pay a visit to I Am Kim, located at the newest mall in town Estancia Mall in Capitol Commons, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City. I'm sure you'll find something fit for your hunger - Korean style.

Happy eating!

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