Thursday, August 29, 2013

Taters Sandwich: Are You a Sandwicher?

While everyone is in Luneta screaming "No to Pork! No to Pork!", I and five of my friends are having a tasty non-pork meal in Trinoma that shares nothing but the most delectable chicken sandwich. Glazed in sweet and tangy honey mustard dressing, Taters' featured sandwich for the month of August - California Honey Chicken - is definitely something that all chicken sandwich lover should try now.

Available in ala carte and in combo meal, Taters' California Honey Chicken is simply different from the usual chicken sandwich that we have now in the market. Grilled to its tenderness but still keeping that tasty juice, the chicken in this sandwich is so divine that you won't be guilty having it from time to time.

The bed of fresh lettuce and tomatoes made the eating experience more enjoyable because of the crunch and sweetness that they add to the whole thing. The Honey Mustard dressing excites my palette because of its sweet-tangy taste that I just find perfect for the kind of chicken that they offer. And lastly, the whole wheat sesame seed bun is really some fluffy and filling that sheds away worry about the calories that it gives.

In totality, I'd say that this California Honey Chicken is one gourmet sandwich that is simply delicious, filling and guilt-free.

But, if you think that's all, well, of course, since we had the Combo Meal, our California Honey Chicken comes with their famous Tater Chips or French Fries that I truly love! May it be in cheese, sour cream and other available flavors, you'll surely forget about anything or anyone! Hahaha! The drinks for the Combo Meal comes in this 20 ounce cup perfect to quench your thirst as you enjoy munching on these treats.

The Are You a Sandwicher? series of Taters started last month with one of their bestselling hotdog sandwich, the New York Beef Hotdog. And as the month of September slowly slides in, a sandwich fit for health conscious is about to satisfy their appetite, the Florida Fish Fillet. And by October, the one that I've been waiting for, Brooklyn Beef Burger will take the spotlight as it readies our stomach to the feast of the Holidays.

And just in time for the Holidays, as an early Christmas treat from Taters, they are now offering Taters Sandwicher Frequent Card that will entitle every cardholder a 20% discount on the sandwich that they will purchase in any Taters store nationwide.

Oh, I've never thought that Taters could be this great and I honestly can't wait to try their other offerings that I'm sure will leave a smile on my face and a weight in my stomach.

Thank you, Taters! Happy eating!

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