Thursday, June 6, 2013

One Fine Luncheon at Watami, Glorietta

If there's one thing that I really love about Japanese culture and heritage, that is definitely the simplicity of everything. The meaning of the phrase "what you see is what you get" is embodied by this culture, and the fact that it is so evident on their cuisine, no wonder a lot of people all over the world adore this unique Asian culture. And last week, I had a wonderful taste of that lovely culture when I visited this newly opened Japanese restaurant in Glorietta called Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant.

Watami, which is said to be the number one casual restaurant in Japan, is finally here in Manila and is glad to introduce their new lunch set menu that will whet the appetite of office workers and diners alike who are looking to experience an authentic taste of Japan at the convenience of their hectic schedules.

Propped up with a homey, low-key lighting and booth-style seating, this was my spot for my lunch break last week as I enjoyed their whooping 50% off on these new lunch set menu. The lunch set menus start at Php275.00 (Php137.70 at 50% off), and are served with salad and miso soup. With options that cater to a wide array of gastronomes, from raw foodies to noodle nibblers to rice lovers, it was really a good choice!

It was just kinda busy that lunch time, with mostly employees from nearby offices savoring some Japanese delicacies at an affordable price, but I am glad that they have enough people to manage this huge Japanese restaurant in the New Glorietta, and have enough seats to cater to almost a hundred of customer.

I ordered their Black Pepper Beef with Rice in Stone Pot Set. And as I've said it comes with salad and miso soup. The serving is quite big, and might be enough for two. But since I'm so hungry then, I finished it all! The Black Pepper Beef with Rice  was quite okay - just quite okay because since I was place near the air conditioning unit, my stone pot got cold faster than the usual making some of my beef cooked in a little medium rare state. But despite of it, I still enjoyed it because it was really tasteful, but how I wish that it has also some butter in it or maybe more butter in it if there's already some to make the taste of the pepper beef more soothing.

Black Pepper Beef with Rice in Stone Pot Set - Php275.00

As for the salad, hmm, I find it a little sad to look at, so maybe if they could add more veggies in it to give it more color, the salad would be more appealing. And as for the miso soup, well, it was just perfect, the kind of miso soup that I like.

I was able to try their Shrimp Tempura Roll that day. It served as my appetizer, and I'm glad I also had it before my main menu. The taste of this was pleasantly nice and every bite was really a Japanese love.

Shrimp Tempura Roll - Php225.00

For my drinks, I had one of their refreshing "big drinks," the Green Citrus Green Tea. Since, I'm a bit under the weather that day, this one just complements the soothing effect of my main dish here in Watami.

Green Citrus Green Tea - Php145.00

And lastly, for my dessert, I tried their Maccha Ice Cream and Anmitsu Dumpling - need to say more? It was equally delicious! A perfect way to end a sumptuous and filling treat from the soon-to-be Japanese haven here in the metropolis.

Maccha Ice Cream and Anmitsu Dumpling - Php 175.00

I'm planning to back there to try their other lunch sets, which includes beef sukiyaki, assorted tempura, beef, pork and chicken cutlets, yakisoba and pizza!

Watami has over 700 restaurants in Asia and has currently branches in Glorietta 1 and at SM Mall of Asia, with more to open within the year. The restaurant is part of The Bistro Group, which is the mother company of famous restaurants like TGI Friday's, Italianni's, Fish & Co., Flapjacks, Pig Out!, Krazy Garlik, The Stock Market, Bulgogi Brothers, Ma Maison, Village Tavern and Modern Shanghai.

You can visit their super updated Facebook fanpage, Watami Philippines, if you wanna know more about them, or you can simply head on to their stores to indulge on their mouthwatering Japanese treats!

Welcome to the Philippines, Watami!

Happy eating, everyone!

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