Friday, June 14, 2013

San Pablo, Laguna: Sulyap Gallery Cafe and Restaurant

The last but certainly not the least food destination that we had for the the Electrolux Discover-E Quezon/Laguna Province leg was another art gallery hiding under the name of Sulyap Gallery Cafe and Restaurant. A bed and breakfast style with rural ambiance, Sulyap Gallery Cafe and Restaurant is located at the well-kept Cocoland Compound at San Pablo, Laguna.

The compound is consists of three Spanish-era looking houses and one superior establishment that looks like a government office or school in the old days. Lush green is also to be found adding life and color on this once populated place.

It was like entering in a different world when we got there, if not only for the staff who wear their uniforms, I would really think that we were brought back to Spanish period because almost everything here looks so perfect and nice.

The largest establishment there, which is said to be Southern Luzon Colleges and Cocoland Hotel back then is now a museum that holds almost a thousand of fine antique pieces ranging from old religious replicas, home furniture, home decors, metallic utensils and even toys. The caretaker told us that before, the museum covers the whole two-floors of establishment, but when the owners finally decided to keep everyone safe, they all transferred these beautiful stuff on the ground floor. It is also for the ease of everyone who wanna see all of these stuff.

The other two houses, which are called Casa Obando, are the ones for those who opt to stay for a night a two. Everything here will bring you back in time, but with that provincial-feel, anyone who wants an escape to the crazy metro world are guaranteed to have a great time relaxing in here.

The surrounding was really quiet most of the time, with only a few people maintaining the place, it was such a wonderful place to relax and just commune with the nature. And though we were just there to try some of their sumptuous dishes, the staff happily showed us around for us to see what's in store for us if we come back to stay for a night or two. Did I say that everything is picturesque too? Well, they are and I love it!

I honestly can't wait to come back! I even saw the swimming pool, and oh, boy, this is such a hidden paradise well-kept and protected.

The last house on the far right was the one allotted for restaurant. This one is a lot smaller, but can accommodate at most 30-40 people in one dining time. It was so romantic inside because of the tainted glass windows that give these lovely touch. The decors on the other hand are mostly antiques too, a collection that goes well with the other furniture inside.

There's a staircase right after the door that leads to the upper floor, and since we thought that there's more light up there, we went straight up and find the most romantic spot to have our merienda.

Sulyap Gallery Cafe and Restaurant is quite known for some authentic native delicacies too, sadly, we were still full from our last food stop, so instead of having some kick-ass pre-dinner meals, we just had these equally delicious crepes that cooled us down and just made us at ease. Oh, they are sweet and nice too!

There wasn't too special about these crepes, but I must say that the service was good. I would really, really love to go back here hungry for I heard that their buffet is such a winner and even some of their ala carte dishes are superb! And hopefully, I'll also get a  chance to stay for a night for I can feel that this place is more magical at night.

Thank you, Sulyap Gallery Cafe and Restaurant! I will come back and I will have a taste of your unique offerings worth discovering!

Thank you too, Electrolux Philippines and Fleishman-Haillard Manila! It was such a great chance to be out there discovering Filipino food with you guys! Cheers to Dsicover-E!


I was able to experience and try Sulyap Cafe Gallery through the Electrolux Philippines' Discover-E campaign. And together with bloggers Enzo Luna of Juan Traveler and Raffy Pedrajita of Pinoy Travel Blog, we indulged on these sumptuous food finds from the beautiful Province of Quezon last May 15-16, 2013

The culmination of this Electrolux Philippines Discover-E campaign will take place this coming Saturday at the NBC Tent through a Food Festival showcasing our very distinct Filipino flavor. So, see you all there!

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