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Starting the Day with Sentro 1771 Breakfast

Nothing beats a morning with great breakfast and a cup of hot chocolate for me. It made me feel like its Christmas every day, really. May it be at home or at some fast food restaurant or, in my this case, in a fine dining place like Sentro 1771, breakfast is for me the unbeatable meal of the day!

Last week I was invited to try the power meal of one of the country's modernized Filipino restaurants - Sentro 1771. Located at the heart of Serendra in Bonifacio Global City, this high-ceiling place, which is devoted in offering a traditional Filipino cuisine with a twist is happy to let everyone know that they are offering delectable and all-Filipino breakfast meals that are set to give that amazing morning.

Sentro 1771 has an array of delectable Filipino breakfast set meals that are sure to keep you on the mood, and that day without any hesitation, I tried their Bonuan Boneless Daing na Bangus.

Bonuan Boneless Daing na Bangus - Php380.00

I'm on a relaxed morning mode that day to I didn't bother having some fish that early. If I'm not mistaken, it was the most expensive on their set, and though the serving size of the rice and the omelette that comes with it is a little small, the size and taste of the Bonuan Boneless Daing na Bangus was superbly great!

One thing that I like about daing na bangus is when the sourness of the vinegar and tangy of the garlic blend well together, and with this Bonuan Bangus that directly comes from Pangasinan, there's no doubt why it is in Sentro 1771's list.

Other dishes that you can try from them are Baguio Longganisa na Durog, a  unique longganisa flavor that I didn't expect came from the mountainous Baguio City, Catfish Adobo Flakes, a crispy and enjoyable dish that can give a nice good bite on your morning, and Dried Beef Sirloin Tapa, a crowd's favorite that never fail to excite Pinoy's tummy.

Baguio Longganisa na Durog - Php350.00

Catfish Adobo Flakes - Php300.00

Dried Beef Sirloin Tapa -Php350.00

Each breakfast set meal here in Sentro 1771 comes with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, and I must say that their hot chocolate is a MUST-TRY! A nice pick-upper on slow morning and a great way to push your endorphin to give you a bright, smiling day.

Native Hot Chocolate
(comes free with every breakfast set)

For those who prefer bread on mornings, Sentro 1771 didn't miss to offer Pinoy's most favorite bread - the pan de sal. But they made it classier here and more remarkable because pan de sal comes with a slice of melted kesong puti. And each order of this delectable, cheesy offering comes with their native hot chocolate too - perfect starter, the Pinoy style indeed! 

Pan De Sal with Melted Kesong Puti - Php180.00

Oh, and by the way, in case you are wondering how come their pan de sal looks like that, they are made of whole wheat - perfect for those who are health and figure conscious.

And so, to end that health-and-figure-conscious kind of breakfast, nothing beats fresh fruits to have a sweet morning!

Fruit Platter - Php210.00

But if you are like me who loves indulging in to sweets and everything nice, well, read on and make sure that you don't drool over your computers! Hahaha!

Coffee Bean Sans Rival - Php205.00

Surprisingly delicious, this is perfect for those who have an active morning! The crunch on every piece of this heavenly dessert was so enjoyable that I wouldn't mind doing all morning. Hahaha!

For some sticky and sweet and truly Pinoy dish, Fried Suman and Mangoes can make your morning sweeter with a pinch of sunshine. A light-crisp rolled-out suman fried then topped with our country's pride, ripe mangoes, drizzled with sweet coco jam is indeed a dessert you'll never stop craving and raving all day.

Fried Suman and Mangoes - Php180.00

But I guess, every Pinoy can't say no to a leche flan, right? But this one in Sentro 1771 is different - waaaay different! Well, mainly because this leche flan looking dessert is actually a keso flan - a baked but light, no crust cheesecake that is served with queso de bola and red egg. Really, two thumbs up for this one!

Keso Flan - Php220.00

Tradition it is when I tasted and loved their version of maja blanca crepe. Having a lola who is a Kapangpangan was really a blessing to me to the rest of our clan because other than being so nice and loving, she really cooks well. And one of her specialty is maja blanca. I love her maja blanca, really, but this Sentro 1771's version is one super love! This is my fave among the rest, actually! :-) Surprisingly different and surprising great!

Maja Blanca Crepe - Php180.00

And lastly, something that can surely wake your sleeping nerves, a coffee pie that boost not just your senses but your nationalism too! Made from our country's very own coffee bean, this dessert is one fine and smooth ending to this wonderful breakfast that I had at Sentro 1771!

Coffee Pie - Php220.00

And I can't honestly wait til my next visit on this fine place! The prices may be a little high, but I personally think that it was all worthy.

Breakfast at Sentro 1771 starts at 7 til 10 in the morning! They also have  amazing line of modernized Filipino dishes on their lunch and dinner menu, something to look forward too!

Thank you, Sentro 1771! Thank you for a very bright and delicious morning! Til next time!

Happy eating, everyone!

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