Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Blackbeard's Seafood Island now at Robinsons Magnolia

Seafood lovers in the southern Quezon City area will surely have a tummy-filling Christmas because by the opening of the new hotspot in their area, Robinsons Magnolia, I'm sure that a bountiful of awesome food finds in awaiting for them. And with the opening of one of the hottest and delicious seafood-offering restaurants here, its definitely gonna be an amazing seafood adventure with Blackbeard's Seafood Island.

Last December 2, I was invited to witness again the opening of Seafood Island's latest branch in Robinsons Magnolia in Quezon City. And together with a number of guest and foodies, who were so eager to dive into the wonderful offerings of this renowned restaurant, Mr. Raymund Magdaluyo and his mother, Mrs. Chiqui Magdaluyo, welcomed their guests to a fight that will their tummies.

For quite a number of times that I've been to a Red Crab Group of Companies' event, if I'm not mistaken, this is the first time that I've seen and met the woman behind all of these wonderful restaurants. For those who didn't know yet, it was Mrs. Chiqui was the one who started all of these seafood craze in the country, and with his only son, Raymund dealing with the business side then, the company grew larger and larger and branched out to different kinds such as Crustasia, ClawDaddy's and this, Blackbeard's Seafood Island, to name a few.

It was really nice meeting her, as well as the executive chef of Seafood Island, because it was only then that I got some really personal info about the food that they are offering here. We had some great time chatting with them, and right after some laughs and aahhhs, the table was filled by the Seafood Islands' pride - the Boodle Feast!

Tali Beach Boodle - Php1299.00

Mt. Apo Boodle - Php1650.00

Davao Gulf Boodle - Php1450.00

Palawan Shores - Php1150.00

Panlasang Pinoy - Php1365.00

This is the only time too that I've been in front of five different boodle feasts in Seafood Island, and I must say that it was one helluva feast, indeed! Representing the different wonderful provinces in our country who's bounty seas share the best of the best creatures that are perfect for our taste!

If you want something that's festive, Tali Beach is the the one for you; Mt. Apo Boodles offer that distinct Mindanao flavor from up above and down to its deep blue sea! Fro some Davao love, Davao Gulf is just perfect for that ultimate delicious treat! Of course, the world famous Palawan won't be left behind, because with its unique and world-class treat, local and tourist will definitely enjoy this one. And the last but not the least, Pansalang Pinoy is a crowd's favorite offering the best of the best of our country!

For more of their delicious offerings, don't forget to ask for their ala carte menu, and in there, two of their appetizers that I really love are the Pinoy Nachos and Garlic Chicharong Bulaklak - perfect for some after-work bingeing with friends.

Pinoy Nachos - Php165.00

Garlic Chicharong Bulaklak - Php220.00

And finally, for some sweet ending, here's something new that you should try, the Fried Ice Cream! Oh, its as really a nice, sweet ending!

Fried Ice Cream

I really got pregnant after this feast, and I love it! Hahaha!

Seafood Island Robinsons Magnolia is at the 3rd floor of Robinsons Magnolia, Doña Hemady Avenue, Valencia, Quezon City.

Welcome, Seafood Island - Robinsons Magnolia!
Happy eating, everyone!

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