Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fish-Love at Fishman!

I'm really a meat person, but when a delicious fish dish is served to me, I try it and as much as possible is I try to appreciate it. I believe that one of the hardest main ingredient to cook is fish, and if I like a fish dish from a restaurant, I considered that place a great spot to eat.

And a few weeks ago, as I join my friends to try this new place in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, Fishman, I was welcomed by a summery vibe that made me excited and ticklish, because just thinking how summer never fails to excite the beach person in me, oh, I'm so excited too to try Fishman's offerings!

If you are thinking that this place is some fancy restaurant, you are wrong! With a fast food appeal, which has a huge impact and appealing approach to Filipinos, Fishman opens its first doors in Bonifacio Global City just a few months ago. With nothing but fish, fish and fish - and some seafood too - on their menu, one can indulge to an amazing array of fish-cooking style and flavor that comes in a very affordable price! Fast food, I told you! :-)

Drinks here at Fishman comes into this small fishbowl type, which to some may look unusual, but for me, I find it really cute! They offer here bottomless sodas and iced teas, but if you wanna try some house specialty, I suggest that you have their Red Sea Iced Tea or the Blue Ocean Iced Tea. Beers are also offered here, I'm just not that sure if it has time availability. :-)
For our first dish that day, we had for appetizer or what they call an All Day Fishing dish, is their classic fish and fries. A composition of grease-less and perfectly cooked fish fillet over a sea of fries.

Classic Fish and Fries - Php190.00

The taste and look may be ordinary, but since the way it was cook was really nice, I highly suggest that you have it too.

The pasta dish that I order for myself that day made me appreciate that smoky flavor they call "tinapa". I do not like tinapa at all, but when I had it here and how it complemented well with the creamy carbonara pasta, me, having carbonara as my one of my pride dish, cannot believe that the two can go so nicely. The "tinapa" smell was kinda strong from dish so, if you do not like "tinapa" like I do, well, give it a try, you might like it too.

Fishman Carbonara - Php180.00

For a unique twist to our ordinary home-cooked meals, Fishman is sharing a wonderful twist to the two of the fishes that I consider "eat-able".

Classic Daing na Bangus - Php189.00
(with FM house soup and rice)

Butterfly Tilapia with Ensalada - Php230.00
(with FM house soup and rice)

The Classic Daing na Bangus was smothered with thick gravy sauce giving the whole dish a little sweetness and smoothness perfect to match the Fishman rice. As for the Butterfly Tilapia, there's really nothing extra ordinary about it except that it comes a little bigger than expected, so it might be perfect for two. :-)

Oh, there are some seafood and out of the sea dishes too here at Fishman! Just in case you are with someone who is really not into fish. ^_^

Kung Pao Calamares - Php155.00
(with FM house soup and rice)

Stuffed Pusit - Php190.00
(with FM house soup and rice)

All Shrimp Tempura (8 pieces) - Php269.00
(with FM house soup and rice)

For some Asian flavor, the Kung Pao Calamares combines a nice spicy kick with crunch to its lucky eater. Aside from the calamares, the rice also invites a nice adventure to our palette, that we just love!

On the other hand, the Stuffed Pusit will surely make every squid dish lover in town go gaga! The balanced sweet, sour and salty flavors come in two large portions of squids that will just make you ask for more rice.

And lastly, the favorite of them all, the All Shrimp Tempura. Need to say more? With that affordable price, I guess you already know why we love it! :-)

Fishman didn't let us leave without dipping into their pool of desserts and two offerings that we enjoyed, and closed the deal for me to revisit this place soon!

                 Coffee Jelly Overload - Php70.00  Buco Pandan Supreme - Php70.00

Believe me, you have to taste them for yourself to really know what I'm talking about. And probably I'll join you when you said, I'll do this at home! Hahahaha!

Fishman is located at the ground floor of One Technology Tower, 31st Street, Rizal Drive, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

Happy eating!

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