Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Night with Murray and D'Vine

I seldom have a night-out with my friends lately but when I do I make sure that it is memorable - like this one. And when I and my friends meet, we make sure that aside from juicy stories, our night is also filled with delicious food and soothing cocktails - like these from Murray and D'Vine of Serendra.

Imported Baby Back Ribs - Php465.00 (half)

Located at the very heart of Serendra in Bonifacio Global City, which is basically known for its classy residential buildings, Murray and D'Vine is famous for its pub-like bar mostly visited by expats. Offering local and imported beer and wine, this place takes pride on its delicious meals that are made fit for drinking beer or wine.

Classic Onion Rings - Php165.00

The place may be a bit intimidating, but once you see their menu, I bet that you'll find how cozy and inviting this place to ordinary guests. From their Pica-Pica selections to their sliders and best sellers that are sure to fill one up, I find the prices reasonable too given Murray and D'Vine is a bar-like place.

I personally enjoyed their Baby Back Ribs mainly because aside from its tasty meat, this dish comes with this really flavorful and smoky sauce that I believe is very, very important in any Baby Back Ribs. But the one that this place is really offering to their guests are these - believe it or not - heart-shape burgers.

Beef Burger - Php310.00

You may find them too corny to have something like this in a bar-like place like this, but  let me tell you - wait til you get a hand of this burger and taste its juicy and beer-perfect flavor. They have more than a dozen variations of burger here and if none of these suit to your taste, well, they have the veggie burger that you could enjoy.

We spent some good 4-5 hours there, and it was one of the best night-out ever. And since we felt so comfortable here and somehow at home with its music and ambiance, instead of walking to the nearest coffee shop, we instead had their Espresso Martini. Haha!

Espresso Martini - Php250.00

Crazy, huh? Well, not really, because this one gave us the balance we most needed that night - to go home, you know? Hehe.

I honestly can't wait to go back here at Murray and D'Vine, not only to try their other dishes, but to enjoy their world again and escape from the crazy corporate life that I have!

If one Friday night you need me, I guess you now know where to find me!
Happy eating, everyone!

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