Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Persia at the heart of Greenfield District

Who would've thought that an old and rusty jeepney terminal and market could turn into something lush, green and delightful food and events' place ready to in vibe positivism to its guests and passerbys? I didn't. But I'm glad that I finally had a time to see and experience one of the most talked about places in the metro now - the Greenfield District.

Located at the heart of Mandaluyong City, and basically of EDSA, lies this newly renovated spot that speaks of peacefulness in the morning and captivating party spot at night. Greenfield District is the new face of EDSA Central and is currently housing a dozen of new food and beverage establishments that are ready to satiate our cravings and fill our soul with wonderful offerings that will make us come back for more.

It was upon the invitation of the Greenfield District management that I had a chance to visit the whole lot, actually, to see and to try their newly opened food spots, and one of them is this Habib Persian Cuisine

A Persian-Mediterranean place that offers somehow authentic Persian dishes - since their chef is a real Persian - Habib possess a strong potential to be one of the most favorite spots here, morning or night, because of its unique appeal in the area.

Owned and managed by husband and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Shanin Hafezan, Habib was put up December of 2013 to give BPO employees a unique place to dine in at night. Habib, which means honey, sweetheart or love in Persian language, is making its name as after-party dining spot too since it is open until 4 in the morning.

Blueberry Yogurt Shake - Php90.00

We were scheduled to be at Habib at lunch time - I was just in time when I got there. And since it was so hot outside, upon my arrival, I immediately asked for their coldest drink, and their staff was so eager to serve me this Blueberry Yogurt Shake, telling me it was one of their best seller. She was right, it was really good - refreshing, mild and just perfect for the gastronomic adventure I'm about to take.

First dish that we had was the usual Mediterranean-Central Asia appetizer, the Pita Bread with Humus, Moutabal and Mirzha Gaseemi (eggplant).

Habib's Delight - Php165.00

There's really nothing special about this one, except that the Mirzha Gaseemi tastes good despite of it being an eggplant base spread. I do not eat eggplant, so this must be really good for me to enjoy it.

For big eaters, I'm sure that they'll enjoy the serving size that Habib has. Mostly good for sharing, their rice meal come with long-grain, saffroned basmati rice that taste so good and complementing to the beef or chicken that you'll have with it.

Beef Shawarma Platter - Php175.00

Special Chelo Kebab Beef - Php290.00

Chelo Chicken Kebab Kobideh - Php230.00

The nice textured rice, well-cooked and flavorful meat and fresh vegetables, these two dishes that were first shared to us were nothing but Persian love. There's nothing to hate about these two, so you'll definitely enjoy these dishes down to your last bite.

I suggest that you have a drop of their special chili sauce to add some kick to these magnificent meals. By then, you'll enjoy your Yogurt Shake more. Hehe.

Khoresh Bademjan - Php245.00

For those who wanna try something different, there's this Khoresh Bademjan. A meal that comes with slowly stewed chicken, Khoresh Bademjan is also made of eggplant mixed with tomato and authentic Persian spice, served with saffron basmati rice. The thick sauce is something that you can enjoy from this dish, since it resembles to most of our local dishes.

According to the owners, Khoresh means stew in Farsi, while Bademjan means eggplant.

Grilled Lamb Steak

And as a special treat, we were ask to taste one of their newest dish, the Grilled Lamb Steak, which is actually not part of their menu yet.It was like our favorite grilled pork chop, only lamb. And since lamb tastes a little different for my taste, I didn't actually enjoyed it as much as the other meals.

If I'm coming back here, I'd definitely have the yogurt shake again and the Special Chelo Kebab Beef, I really think that these two go so well.I saw on their menu that they have shawarma burgers too, so yeah, I wanna try those too, including the no carb burger and maybe some pasta too. I know I'm matakaw! Hahaha!

Thank you, Habib Persian Cuisine for starting our Greenfield District Food Tour on a high note!
I love the ambiance of the place, but most specially the food! Will surely visit again!

Happy eating, everyone!

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  1. That Chelo Chicken Kebab looks sooo yummy! Something I can try there soon...


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