Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Morning Snack at Casa Quesadilla, Maginhawa Street

A few minutes after we "somehow" digest the amazing all-day breakfast offerings of Katz Diner, our Food Panda Maginhawa Food Crawl group pushed on to our next destination. What I thought would be our "lunch destination" happens to be just our morning snack destination - surprise!

Plastered with yellow, green and red stripes, our morning was made more colorful and festive as we partake the Mexican offerings of Casa Quesadilla at #176 Maginhawa Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City. Nacho Libre ain't here but they got free Ultimate Nachos here, so yay!

Food blogger with the Filipino owners of Casa Quesadilla
(photo by Kumagcow.com)

A perfect spot for some Mexican bingeing, Casa Quesadilla is probably the one of the most affordable Mexican joint that anyone could find around the metro. With Mexican delights such as quesadillas, tacos, burritos, nachos and fries, Casa Quesadilla boasts with some modern yet simple take on Mexican food that anyone could enjoy.

And since we were just there for morning snacks, we had some of their "light" offerings starting with their Ultimate Nachos.

Ultimate Nachos - Php130.00

A Filipinize take on Mexican Nachos, this one is a bit simple and easy-to-eat kind of dish. A combination of crunchy nachos, salsa, cheese, beef and red beans, a group of two or three could find some time to settle inside with this dish.

Dynamite Beef Rolls - Php99.00

To kick things up, or to somehow fire it up, these Dynamite Beef Rolls are sure a fire hit among your friends. Nothing could beat a nicely blended dynamite beef rolls most specially if they are shared with your love ones.

 For those who are not fans of spicy food, their version of Mexican Quesadillas are perfect for those who opt something mild and flavorful. When we visited the place, they 8 kinds of quesadillas available. There's the Mexaican Quesa, which is one of the most affordable; the Spinach and Chicken Quesa, which is perfect for those who are not fans of pork and beef; and Mushroom Melt Quesa, which is ideally for vegetarians.

Mexican Quesa - Php110.00

Spinach and Chicken Quesa - Php130.00

Mushroom Melt Quesa - Php140.00

Then, they also have Beef Yakinuku, a Mexican-Japanese fusion that you could enjoy; the Tuna Mushroon Quesa, which is also a good non-meat option, the Greek Quesa, if you want something with strong flavor and aroma; and finally, the Banana Nutella Quesa, for those who love sweet and everything nice.

As much as we wanna stop eating, not having a bite of their version of burrito is a big no-no to us. And we are just so glad that we tried the Mexican Beef Burrito and Chicken Burrito of Casa Quesadilla!

Mexican Beef Burrito - Php130.00

Chicken Burrito - Php120.00

A truly appetizing offering meant to share Mexico's bests with a very affordable price, Casa Quesadilla is worth a visit here at Maginhawa Street, Quezon City, most specially if you are craving for some honest-to-goodness Mexican food.

But if you don't have time to drive here in Maginhawa, don't worry, because through the innovation of Food Panda, you can now order these wonderful delights and many others through online. Just visit their website https://www.foodpanda.ph/ or download their mobile app at Apple Store and Google Play.

Browse through the restaurant available around you, order online and enjoy your meals!
Happy eating!

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