Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My First Tokyo Tonteki Bite

It was October of 2013 when this  Japanese restaurant first opened its doors to its Filipino customers. Originally from Shibuya, Japan, Tokyo Tonteki was brought to us by its brainchild Shusasu Namikawa, a Japanese native whose love for tender pork loin steak (tonteki in Japanese) has grown so big that it is set to conquer Asia and the world.

Here in the Philippines, Tokyo Tonteki opened its second store at Greenbelt 5 last October. With the same aim of satisfying its customer through its world-class Japanese dishes, led by its famous Tonteki sets, Tokyo Tonteki is ready to fill one's craving and hunger for Japanese dishes at a very reasonable price.

And without further much ado, let the sharing begin as I take you all to the wonderful but simple and pleasant world of Tokyo Tonteki.

A great way to start your gastronomic adventure here at Tokyo Tonteki is by having this kinda gruesome but taste so awesome spring roll. Instead of of having the normal vegetables wrapped inside the spring roll wrapper, Tokyo Tonteki has prosciutto, a perfectly cooked egg and creamy avocado inside giving that unique explosion of flavors that you'll enjoy and will whet your appetite.

Spring Roll of Prosciutto, Avocado 
and Onsen Egg - Php190.00

Your love for mushrooms will surely be filled on this next appetizer dish that consists of not one but three different Japanese mushrooms - the Enoki, Eringi and the Shimeji Brown. Served in a hot metal plate like our very own "sisig", this special dish is sauteed in butter, seasoned with well-selected spices and then topped with the famous Japanese fish flakes, Katsuobushi.

Stir-Fried Japanese Mushrooms - Php250.00

You'll probably notice that when this dish is served, the Katsuboshi is still moving. Yeah, that's how fresh this dish can be - a must try from this restaurant.

This next one may be come to all of us - and I really think that this is one of those Japanese dishes that serve as a bridge between our culture and heritage - Miso Soup.

Miso Soup

You may find this one ordinary, and might probably skip this one, but I assure you, this is a must taste from Tokyo Tonteki. The consistency, the filling, and the flavor - oh, this is the real one that will set you to the mood and might give you that unexpected zen too.

Tontokei Set (regular) - Php375.00

For those who are afraid to take a risk, well, their Tonteki Set is really comforting and homey. It resembles to very own pork adobo, so you really won't b surprise about its flavor and taste. Ever set comes with an unlimited order of rice, cabbage salad and miso soup - didn't I say reasonable price?

The best part, they are using real Japanese rice here unlike the "so-called" Japanese restaurants in town, so carbo loading is fun!

Tonburg Set - Php375.00

If you are coming with your kids, I'm pretty sure that they'll enjoy the Tonburg Set. A Tonteki Burger that shares this sweet-like pattie. It really goes well with Japanes rice and the cabbage salad. Adding more excitement to this delectable meal are cheese and pineapple, which are available on their menu.

I like this one, though, plain and simple, so I'll get to enjoy its real flavor and how well the pattie was seasoned. I like it more that their featured dish. ^_^

To those who are not into meat and pork, don't worry. Despite of taking pride of their pork-base meals, Tokyo Tonteki has also some flavorful and equally filling chicken and seafood dishes that you'll also love.

Chicken Steak Set - Php350.00

For those day that you think you had too much pork already, this chicken steak meal offers a refresher on your palette and system. But if you want something that fried and crunchy, their Ebi Fry is really good that you would want to ask for more.

Ebi Fry - Php340.00

Though both dishes may look light and easy to handle, having the delicious side dishes would do some "filling" trick that you won't notice as you chow down all of its main entrees.

But do you know that goes well with all of those pork, chicken and prawns? Tokyo Tonteki's Special Fried Rice! This one is so good, having a plate of it nay not be enough. Promise!

Special Fried Rice with Egg - Php150.00

To cap off our amazing and enjoyable trip here at Tokyo Tonteki, we had their version od "sweets." They maybe a little less Japanese, but their rich flavors that are oozing with such delight and happiness on our face are just perfect to end our trip here and give us that satisfied feeling that will make us go back again.

Chocolate Pudding with Whipped Cream - Php120.00

Creme Brulee - Php120.00

If you are getting tired of having your usual bento meal from your favorite Japanes restaurant or if you are getting tired of having that the same fried meat, why not try something new and who knows, you might end up enjoying what we just had.

To know more about Tokyo Tonteki, you can check them out on Facebook,;Twitter,; and on Instagram,

Happy eating!

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