Monday, November 24, 2014

3 Ways to Enjoy a Good Gin

For us Filipinos, every time we heard of the word "gin", it never fails to give us the idea of "tambays" drinking this old-as-time drink, clear as water but hit someone hard as a rock.

My idea of gin was changed when I met Hendrick's brand ambassador, Zachary Connor de Git, over dinner a few days back. Hendrick's Gin brought him here in the Philippines to see what's in our bars and to share his expertise to some spots around the metro. He started sharing his awesome knowledge about gins at Raffles Hotel, Makati, where we had a fun dinner with the usual set of dishes with the unusual set of foodies and gin masters.

It was really a casual dinner, but since Zachary prepared some drinks from everyone - with Hendrick's in it - well, our night turned out to be informative too, which taught us a lot about the brand and how it makes its world-renowned flavor.

Would you believe that Hendrick's is  made of cucumber and rose petal essences? If you've had Hendrick's before, you'll recognize the refreshing taste of it with floral aroma captivating not only your sense of smell but also your sixth sense.

And now, I'm glad to share to everyone these three ways to enjoy your gin - your Hendrick's Gin.

The 3 Ways

A few days back, I went out with some friends to try this place that offers beer and food pairing dinner. I thought that was one experience everyone should try until I sip the first drink that Zachary has prepared for us, the Hendrick's Gin Tonic.

A classy take on Pinoy's favorite gin concoction, this was our "appetizer" for the night. A refreshing and truly relaxing concoction, Hendrick's Gin Tonic is perfect for big parties since its is easy to prepare.

As we enjoy and mingle with other participants of this intimate dinner, the first dish arrived on our table, the Tomato Soup.

Though, I must say that at first I find it weird to have Gin Tonic and Tomato Soup together, having that tangy flavor of the Tomato Soup and that cleansing and refreshing aroma and flavor of Gin Tonic, I was surprised to enjoy both at the same time.

We didn't wait that long to have a taste of Zachary's second drink, the Hendrick's Martini. A sexy take on women's most loved cocktail, Hendrick’s Martini is composed of 60ml Hendrick’s Gin and 10ml Mancino Bianco Vermouth.

A nice concoction that brings our conversation deeper and more interesting, Hendrick's Martini is perfect for some intimate dinner or small gathering were families or friends can enjoy a night of great food and amazing company. 

As for us, we continue to learn more about Hendrick's while sinking our fangs on this wonderfully prepared slab of meat over a creamy mashed potato. The succulent meat went well with the Martini, only with a strong kick making me eat more than drink. Hehe.

Zachary showed to us how he made the Hendrick's Martini. After combining the said ingredients, he stirred them with ice in a mixing glass. Once chilled, he strained the mixture into a chilled coupete and garnish it with a cucumber tongue to highlight the sweet, refreshing flavor of cucumber in every Hendrick's bottle.

I thought the Martini was the sexiest drink I could have that night until this goblet of Ayrshire Twinkle was concocted in front us of and serves with rose petals in it - lovely and exciting at the same time.

With Hendrick's being made by many-time Distiller of the Year William Grant & Sons, who hails from Girvan, Scotland, this next and final drink is made with the idea of Girvan, Scotland's historic county, Ayshire. A combination of 45ml Hendrick’s Gin, 45ml White Wine, 15ml St. Germain, 10ml Fresh Lemon Juice and 5ml Sugar Syrup, Zachary's Ayrshire Twinkle capped off the night together with this apple pie tart from Raffles Hotel.

A bitter-sweet ending with Ayrshire Twinkle sitting beside this nicely done apple pie tart, our night with Zachary ended in a more uncasual way as he loosen up and reveal his funny and cool self. I guess Hendrick's is doing its job to all of us. Hehehe.

The Rose and Cucumber

Hendrick's handcrafted in  minuscule batches of only 450 liters at a time. Unlike ordinary gins, Hendrick's is made of sublimely abnormal quality  of its ingredients, sourcing most delightful and least ordinary palette of 11 botanical from flowers, roots, fruits and seeds from the four corners of the world.

The combination of cucumber and rode petal essences make Hendrick's Gin a wonderfully refreshing gin with a delightfully floral aroma, the main thing that makes this drink perfect for any occasion and gathering.

So, if you are thinking of creating something different this Holiday Season, be the bartender you wanted to be and offer some refreshing concoction lead by Hendrick's Gin.

Happy eating and drink moderately, everyone!

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