Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Lunch at Homies, Maginahawa Street

As the Food Panda Maginahawa Food Crawl journey continues, after our colorful visit at Katz Diner and short but sweet peek at Casa Quesadilla, the group pushes through our next destination. And despite of feeling the weight brought about by the first two food joints, there's something about Homies that we could not resist. And yes, we want more rice!

Located at #51-C Magiting Street, U.P. Village, Quezon City, just around Maginhawa Street, Homies, which is famous for its Pinoy Fried Chicken, served our lunch destination for this first-ever Food Panda Maginhawa Food Crawl.

Food blogger with the owner of Homies
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They say this place is famous for college students due to its homey feel and home-cooked meals - and I agree with those kids. Upon arriving at this small but cozy place, I already sensed its inviting ambiance - aside from some jokes and fun they have prepared for their guests - there's something that one would about this place and make him/her eat a lot. 

May you be here for a quick lunch or something that will really fill you up, Homies offers a wide array of Pinoy favorites that you could have at a very affordable price.

For our starters, we have this really good Fried Lumpiang Ubod that is just perfect to pumped up one's appetite. The matching vinegar dip made it more delicious that having these six piece isn't enough. Good thing the next meals came to the rescue and added more excitement to this comforting luncheon treat.

Lumpia - Php220.00

For those who are in for a quick lunch or snack, Homies has a good Chili Hotdog meal that comes with a fries, and pasta dish that its oozing with Pinoy love.

Chili Hotdog - Php90.00

Meatball Spaghetti - Php150.00

Kids will definitely love these offerings since the flavors are really friendly and comforting. Though the serving size for the said meals is generally good for one, you'll have an opportunity of having their best offerings including their pride, the Pinoy Fried Chicken.

Homies Pinoy Fried Chicken - Php300.00

Possessing a crunchy skin and tender, good-tasting chicken meat is what their Pinoy Fried Chicken is all about making this place a hit among its neighborhood and students around the area. I never expected to like it, but there's really something about this fried chicken that everyone should try. The unique taste from the skin to the meat was delightfully good having it at its price is really a treat.

If you want something saucy, Homies also shares their version of Chicken Terriyaki and Chicken Curry. A more comforting way of having their best-tasting chicken comes with these delight combination of flavors and style.

Chicken Terriyaki - Php135.00

Chicken Curry - Php150.00

Though I'm a big fan of Chicken Currys, their Chicken Terriyaki tasted so well and so encouraging that will make you ask for some extra rice. For a price of Php150.00 with unlimited rice, I think these meals are not bad for students at all.

Meanwhile, pork lovers no need to be sad for Homies also offers some good tasting and good-value-for-money pork-base meals that you could enjoy.

Chili Con Carne - Php150.00

Pork Menudo - Php150.00

Though small in serving but big in flavor, Homies' Chili Con Carne is a good option for those who are looking for comfort food. And for ultimate comfort food, I guess nothing could beat pork menudo, an all-time Filipino favorite, Homies version is just as good as your mom's home-cooked meal.

You can have these and the rest of Homies goodies at the comfort of your home. Just visit to place your order. You can also download from App Store and Google Play the Food Panda mobile application for easier online transaction.

Happy eating!

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