Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Afternoon Snack at Big B, Maginhawa Street

My last stop for the Food Panda Maginhawa Food Crawl speaks nothing but BIG. Big in surprise and big in flavor, Big B offers to us their amazing burger snacks that come in quarter, half and one-pounder size. A food joint that came from a simple idea, Big B is indeed one of the hottest places along Maginhawa Street in Quezon City when you speak of burgers.

This straight-forward, no hanky-panky store has its first store here at #44-B Magiting Street, Teacher's Village, Quezon City, just a stone-throw away from the famous food street of Maginhawa.

Food blogger with the young owners of Big B
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Big B started as a burger joint inside UP campus a few years back, but when the young owners Joelle Luviengco, Eric Galvis and Pibo Pagadion thought of going serious about it, they leased a space here in Magiting Street and started making the best out of it.

My last but surprisingly amazing food trip here with the Food Panda food bloggers was spent with so much delight and fun as the young group of Big B made sure that our short but sweet stay here will make us come back for more. From food to funny ideas that they are sharing to their guests, Big B isn't your ordinary burger joint that serves good food - it also serves good laugh.

Our group was welcomed by these wonderful combination of potato and meat balls, which they comically called BallsBalls.

BallsBalls - Php150.00

A contrasting combination of Tater Tots and Meat Balls drizzled with Cheese Sauce, BallsBalls is just one of the potato-base offerings that you could find here at Big B. Though, the taste isn't really that extravagant, the comforting feel of it i just okay.

Poutine ng Ina is their version of French Fries drizzled with gravy and mozarella. It was good but comparing it to their new and upcoming fries dish, the Takoyaki Fries is way better. I'm just not sure if it will be available soon, but nonetheless, I would want to have that again when I come back.

Poutine ng Ina - Php120.00

Takoyaki Fries

Big B's burgers are must-try. They may look ordinary, but their flavors are ultimately unique - I'm pretty sure of that.

Big B - Php99.00

Bongga! - Php109.00

BAM - Php119.00

When I asked the owners what's making their burgers a hit among students, they immediate said the dressing. The Big B, which is a most basic burger that you could get here is 50% beef and 50% bacon patties; the Bongga!, which is like their Filipino burger is 50% beef and 50% longganisa patties; and the BAM, which is their most expensive one is 50% beef and 50% Spam patties, are three of the burgers that they offer right now. 

Each has a unique flavor that you could enjoy, but if you'll ask me, I think I like the BAM more. Being a Spam lover, having it in their pattie mixture and topping it with cheese ketchup and their own dressing, BAM is their ultimate burger I will definitely have on my next visit.

Pink Potion with Feelings - Php35.00

And speaking of ultimate, I suggest that you order their Pink Potion with Feelings too. It may not be too much, but I guarantee you that it will mark some smile on your face - not the drink, but the scene that will come when you order one bottle of it. Hehe.

You could have these amazing dishes at the comfort of your home. Just visit and search for Big B to place your orders. You can also download the Food Panda mobile app on your smartphones and tablet, since it is available on both App Store and Google Play.

Discover new hangout places and new favorites in your neighborhood this 2015 and let us know about it! 2015 is gonna be an awesome year for everyone, full of amazing surprises and dishes!

Happy eating!

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