Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Capitol Commons: A New Foodie Place to Check Out

While most of you are busy dining at some fancy restaurant in Makati or Bonifacio Global City or ever in Tomas Morato, a new budding place located in Pasig City is about to take the foodie scene by surprise. An old property turned in a lush green foodie space with some shopping area to die for, Capitol Commons brings Urban Flavors to give foodies a bite of what's in store here.

The recent Holiday bulge may still be felt in your tummy until now, but did you know that before everyone feasted on their sumptuous home-cooked meals, this Lafanggero has been filling his tummy weeks before Christmas. If you see me and thinks that I'm some dark Santa Claus or Snowman, blame it to Urban Flavors who shared nothing but the best of their 20 restaurants - some are newly opened, while others are opening soon.

For only Php500.00, I enjoyed 20 wonderfully crafted dishes and drinks at this gastronomic adventure Capitol Commons has prepared for everyone. By the way, Urban Flavors was held inside Estancia, the newest shopping and dinning mall in town, which is inside the Capitol Commons property.

From Japanese to Korean to Vietnamese to Spanish to English to American to Mediterranean to French to Italian and to Filipino, Urban Flavors was indeed one filling gastronomic experience I enjoyed last month, days before the much-filling Holiday feast.

If you are coming here alone, you are in big trouble. It was good that I'm with a friend that day that made the stuffing kinda sane and guilt-free. 

And without further ado, here are the dishes that we enjoyed on this chow down:

Delightful pastries from (left to right, top to bottom) 
Mrs. Fields, Cinnabon, 
Mary Grace and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

For those who are looking for some hot meal, Pancake House made sure that their pancakes are served hot and fresh hence you can see on the photo below one of their staff patiently preparing each orders. Starbucks was also there but the organizers advised us to proceed to their store, which is already open and can be found at the entrance fronting Shaw Boulevard.

Pancake House

For some appetizers, we had these offerings that will challenge not just you chewing ability but also your sense of taste.

Dishes from (left to right, top to bottom) Black Olive, Sentro,
Tipsy Pig and Burger & Brewskies

 For some light snack, Cafe Mediterranean had some shawarma, while XO46, known for its classic Filipino specialties, shared some amazing and very tasteful Filipino dishes.

Cafe Mediterranean

XO46 Heritage Bistro

By this time, we were already full. But the inviting and very festive dishes from the Asian restaurants that you could find here at Capitol Commons are very hard to resist.

Light but very tasty samplers from  (left to right, top to bottom)
Banois, Eum-ma-ne,
Jipan and Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen

Of course, we didn't leave the place without having some sweet - for some sweet ending. And for this last part, we saved the best for last.

Sweet for my sweet tooth from Larcy's, 
Bap Bap, Caramia and Craft

I can't honestly wait to see and experience all of these restaurants. And as far as my last visit there two days before Christmas, stores that have been gaining so much attention are Black Olive, Sentro, Starbucks and Tipsy Pig! I personally love Tipsy Pig! Must try from them is their pizza!!!

Soon, foodies will flock to this place not just to shop and dine, but to also enjoy the wonderful landscape and breathing area Capitol Commons has prepared for everyone!

So, are you hungry now? Let's lafang!

Happy eating!

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