Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Australian Oranges in Philippines Soil

"Australian oranges have long enjoyed a reputation for being the sweetest in the world.  And very importantly, Australian farms are known for being pollution-free with high standards of food safety. We are proud of our Australian oranges which are ‘Sweet, Safe & Healthy," explained Ambassador Tweddell.

In an exclusive tasting event hosted by Australian Ambassador to the Philippines Bill Tweddell, selected media personalities and bloggers get to taste Australia's pride. Dubbed as "Australian Oranges – Now in Season", the event officially kicked off the season and availability of Australian oranges in the Philippines. Woohoo!

 Ambassador Bill Tweddell

Citrus Australia is the first brand that reached the Philippine market, and though General Manager of Market Development Andrew Harty admitted that it took them years to finally sell these tasty and zesty Aussie goodness here in the Philippines, they are glad that they are finally here all thanks to the help of Australian Embassy in the Philippines.

Andrew Harty, David Daniels and Anthony Weymouth

Australian oranges take pride of its very tasty flavor brought by the farming practices they have followed for many generations, the varietals Australian farmers grow, and because Australia is blessed with climatic and soil attributes ideal for growing the world's best oranges.

Citrus Australia's Market Access Manager David Daniels even shared to us that day how they transport their oranges from Australia to Manila, as well as how they studied the climate here and how their oranges can adapt to it to stay sweet, safe and healthy for the longest time possible.

Australian Oranges-infused Salad and Canapes

Austrade's Senior Trade Commissioner Anthony Weymouth explained the strong demand from Filipino consumers for fresh, tasty ingredients that is safe and healthy, and from this, they picked up the idea of bringing fresh Australian citrus products in the Philippines to satiate their clamor.

The ASEAN Australia New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (AANZFTA) enables most temperate fruits from Australia such as oranges, to enter the Philippines tariff-free (0%), so Filipino consumers can enjoy affordable, fresh products without comprising food safety.

Australian Oranges-infused Main Dishes

Citrus Australia is now sold in major supermarkets and grocery stores in Metro Manila. Shoppers and their families can enjoy the sweet, safe and healthy freshness of Australian oranges through sampling activities every weekend in Metro Manila branches of Robinson's Supermarket, Rustan's Fresh, Rustan's Supermarket and Shopwise.

Australian Oranges-infused desserts

Citrus Australia and Australian Embassy in the Philippines, during the launch, told us that the food we are going to partake and Australian orange base and such recipe can be found at http://www.citrusaustralia.com.au.

Welcome to the Philippines, Citrus Australia!
Happy eating, everyone! Stay healthy, safe and sweet!

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