Monday, May 6, 2013

My First Bite on Chops Chicago Steakhouse

I've been working in Makati City for many years now and I've been hearing a lot of good things about this steak place here in Greenbelt 5 for more than a year already, and finally - FINALLY! - I had the chance to sunk my fangs on their delicious offerings! And guess what, if you think this place is quite expensive, wait till you hear about their Matinee Lunch offering!

Last week, before I satisfy my cravings to the sumptuous and lip-smacking lechons of Cebu, I had a great chance to enjoy the cozy place of Chops Chicago Steakhouse, which is located at the 4th Level of Greenbelt 5 in Ayala Center, Makati City. I was able to indulge on their juicy and chewy and good-tasting steaks that are uninmagineable pocket-friendly price!

Chops Chicago Steakhouse made it to the mouth of every carnivore in town almost a year ago when it started offering their delectable and truly heavenly steaks. Though their area is kinda posh, I can assure you that since I got a chance to try their offerings last week, the price of their Matinee offering is really affordable and worthy of every hard-earned money.

But before I lead you all to that part, let me share to you first some of the starters that I got to enjoy from this place too, and let's start that with the biggest slab of bacon I've ever had! Hahaha!

Charbroiled Slab of Bacon - Php320.00

To be honest, this homemade smoked bacon with pomegranate honey mustard and black pepper is the bomb! The way they cook and the way the bacon tasted, oh it was really heavenly good! But the best part for me I guess was the moment I dipped it to the sauce and had a mouthful bite of it - the best!

Potato Overload - Php180.00

French Onion Soup - Php170.00

For starters, I had this Potato Overload, which as your can see is really loaded with goodness, and the calming and perfect soup for this kind of gastronomic adventure, the French Onion Soup. Both were equally good and tasteful, so dishes that are just right for the upcoming feast.

But did you know that aside from their juicy and well-cooked steaks, their pasta, specifically this Seafood Pasta with Crab Roe Paste was also worth this place a visit? Its was so good that after finishing a plate of it, it will scare you because it might give a you heart attack. Haha!

Seafood Pasta with Crab Roe Paste

Going back, here in Chops Chicago Steakhouse, for those who want a full board meal, their servers will be delighted to show you their raw meat, upon your request of course, for you to carefully and surely decide what steak you really want to have.

Don't worry, it wasn't that gruesome, but rather it was a learning time for the guests to know the difference of every steaks that you can have here. So from Porterhouse, Ribeye, Beef Tenderloin and other, Chops is happy to share that they almost have the best steaks that you could have in a restaurant.

But since we, Filipinos, are not that biggie on this gigantic meat luncheon or dinner, Chops prepared something that is just right for our appetite and budget - something they called Matinee Lunch.

Chops' Matinee Lunch is set menu is composed of soup or salad, steak and dessert. And there are currently two types of Matinee Lunch that you could have as of this moment, the Steak and Frites and the Executive Lunch.

Steak and Frites - Php499.00

Executive Lunch - Php799.00

The Steak and Frites set comes with the choice soup of the day or apples and arugula salad, 8 oz. of charbroiled USDA Black Angus Skirt Steak, choice of homemade frites or baked potato with sauteed garlic butter asparagus and beef au jus. And for dessert, the decadent Dark Chocolate Cigar comes along on this set.

As for the Executive Lunch, there's the choice between soup of the day or Caesar Salad, 10 oz. of charbroiled USDA CAB Ribeye Steak, choice of baked potatoes or homemade frites with brown butter broccoli, truffle and mushroom demi glace, and lastly the decadent Dark Chocolate Cigar.

During weekend, chops has also this Chops Til-You-Drop promo, which will let you eat all the steaks that you can at Php1200.00, and the Steak Pass Around and Salad+Side Dish Buffet during lunch at 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and dinner at 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Iced Tea

Children below 3 feet eat for free here at Chops and if you come here with your family, with 11 members, the eleventh member eats fro free too!

It was a filling luncheon that made me realize how I love steaks. And even without a rice, I can say that my palette was satisfied and my cravings were met due to the rich flavor and well-cooked steaks that will make me keep coming back to this place.

Thank you, Chops Chicago Steakhouse!
Happy eating, everyone!

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