Wednesday, April 24, 2013

SM Supermarkets Introduces "Certified" Angus Beef and Chateau de France

Our most loved and reliable supermarket is about to share the best of grocery-shopping it has to offer. With the addition of the freshest and and best tasting meats know to man, and a set of  delightful offering all made to give that feel of Paris, SM Supermarket is set to change our grocery and eating habit with the addition of certified Angus Beef and Chateau de France in their supermarkets!

SM Supermarket heads are happy to announce during its press launch last week at SM Makati that there are now more reasons for us to make it our favorite supermarket destination. Because aside from offering great selection of items, and providing unbeatable service, SM Supermarket adds to its arsenal a flurry of delectable meats and superb breads and pastries all courtesy of Chateau de France.

Initially starting here in SM Makati, every shopper's trip to SM Supermarket is set to be like your first class ticket to good food and good taste. Known for its first class quality and taste, Angus Beef is the reason behind those perfect steaks, juicy roasts and great tasting burgers that you enjoy from your favorite restaurants and some fast food chains. And since SM Supermarket values the greatness of Filipinos in cooking, they are offering these delectable slabs in all-guaranteed tenderness, juiciness and extreme satisfaction in every bite.

During the launch, everyone was able to get some ideas on how to prepare this delicious meat fast and easy through the cooking demo hosted by SM itself. Free samples of cooked Angus Beef dishes were passed around to for us to taste and try the goodness of the meat that they'll be offering here in SM Supermarket.

And for opening salvo, SM Supermarket Makati is giving every a kilo shopper of Angus Beef free imported cheese (choices include brie, blue cheese, edamer, gouda, mozzarella, aromeo, cedar red and cedar white)! So, what are you waiting for? Better hurry and grab it now.

The Certified Angus Beef will be soon available in other SM Supermarket branches such as SM Megamall A and B, SM Baguio and SM Naga.

On the other hand, since most of us are huge French food lovers - like I do - SM Supermarket is also happy to announce and to welcome the addition of Chateau de France to their SM Supermarkets.

Now, we can indulge to the sweet aroma of baking bread while snacking on freshly made croissants, macarons and the ever so popular French bread in the authentic and complete French bakery setup of Chateau de France.

Located at the Supermarket area of SM Makati, we can now purchase French breads, pastries, sandwiches, salads and many others, the easy and posh way like the French people.

Truly, SM Supermarket is unstoppable in satisfying our cravings and in giving the best tasting gourmet that we are starting to love. And I honestly can't wait to purchase my certified Angus Beef the moment I get the recipe that I want!

Congratulations and keep it up, SM Supermarket!

P.S. Those cooked dishes were all good!!! Hahaha!

Happy shopping and happy eating!

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