Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Miso Ten: A New Japanese Taste That I Love

The love of Filipino to authentic Japanese cuisine is indeed growing, and now with the addition of a place that offers delectable Ramen and Tempura dishes that is set to add excitement to every foodie in this nation, prepare for some hot and delicious offering from Miso -Ten!

Opened last year in a very typical Japanese way - quiet and subtle, Miso-Ten started offering their hot new dishes to the guests of Robinsons Magnolia in Quezon City and recently in Robinsons Manila with two of Japanese Cuisine's top most in-demand dishes, ramen and tempura.

And last week, despite of the scorching weather condition here in metropolis, I was able to find some comfort and soothness through some of their most delicious dishes.

Starting with Japanese's famous salad dish, the Mango Kani Salad.

Mango Kani salad - Php150.00

A sweet and crunchy mix of kani or crab sticks, ripe mango, cucumber and lettuce, this one is good enough to refresh your palette and ready your appetite for the amazing Japanese treat that you are about to devour here at Miso-Ten. The serving size is big enough for two, I would just that you ask for some extra Japanese Mayonnaise, since the bottom is really pack with shredded lettuce.

For some ramen love, one good thing about Miso-Ten is that you can customize your ramen. They have a great and really flavorful variations here. From the original to spicy one, to the toppings like chasyu pork, roast chicken, black garlic and even aji tamago, down to other Japanese ramen like Sesame Miso, Tonkotsu or Tan Tan Mien, Miso-Ten is really ready to cook us up with something worth our hard-earned money.

Miso-Ten Spicy with Roast Chicken Php275.00

Tan Tan Mien - Php275.00

The looks of it is already enough to fill me up. The nice combination of color, the placement of each ingredient and the portioning of each of them speak of so  much Japanese. Though the aroma wasn't that strong to captivate our nostrils, the moment you dig in and taste the flavorful soup, everything will turn out to be so splendid that you'll forget about the hot weather outside.

The original flavor was really good, but if you want something that bites back, I suggest that you have the spicy one. With those meat on top of it and the nice texture of ramen noodles, having just a bowl of this delicious offering is already enough to fill you up and crave for more right after finishing a bowl. Hehe.

Miso-Ten Original - Php275.00

Miso-Ten Spicy- Php275.00

And, oh, those eggs look really good upfront! :-)

Meanwhile, the Tendon selection of Miso-Ten wouldn't leave you sad, because with the mix of your favorite toppings, rice eating is also made more fun here at Miso-Ten.

Excellent Tendon - Php265.00

The best choice is of course their Excellent Tendon. It is rice in a bowl topped with three pieces of ebi (prawn), a slice of eggplant, string beans and pumpkin all wrapped in this crunchy Japanese breading that I'm sure even kids would love.

And since they know that those three pieces of perfectly cooked ebi won't be enough for you once you tasted how good are they, you can order some more and share it to your family and friends!

Tempura - Php380.00

Other sidings that you must try from this humble place is their Gyoza and Yakisoba, which are equally good. The Gyoza comes in this larger than the usual gyoza serving size that you couldn't find in other Japanese restaurants, while the Yakisoba maintains its inviting look and will not disappoint you to its comforting flavor that will make you love Japanese cuisine more!

Gyoza - Php140.00

Yakisoba - Php180.00

Miso Ten is currently owned by Mr. Brian Tiu, who is also the owner of I-Foods Inc. I-Food Inc. presently has six brands namely Peri-Peri, Charcoal Chicken, Tokyo Cafe, Peri-Peri Grill House, Stacker's Burger Cafe, Kogi Bulgogi, Parmigiano Pizzeria Ristorante and Miso-Ten.

This is my first time to try Miso-Ten and I think I will keep coming back until I never get tired of having the Miso-Ten Spicy. Hopefully, in the next few days they will serve some Japanese desserts too, which is very uncommon to Japanese restaurants here in Manila.

Thank you and welcome to the game, Miso-Ten!

P.S. They are currently have this Cash Cash Pinoy offer, so if you think that those prices are kinda high, this is your chance to devour these sumptuous treat a more pocket-friendly price!

Happy eating, everyone!

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