Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Celebrate Good Morning with Seattle’s Best Coffee

I’m a big fan of Grey’s Anatomy. Not only do I love the storyline and the characters in every episode, but I also love the wonderful skylines and sceneries of Seattle, Washington.

And so, when I received an invitation to have breakfast at Seattle’s Best Coffee, there’s only one answer that best fits to that – YES, I’d come!

I’m honestly saying that I’m no fan of SBC. Not that I don’t like their coffee, it’s just that most of my friends prepare the other brand. But now, with this wonderful gathering that I experienced where I got to taste their latest offering, I think I’ll have a selling point to my friends to take them here and have a taste of this latest dishes and drinks.

Who would say to Oreo, right? I men this the world’s most favourite biscuit, right? And I didn’t wonder anymore why SBC preferred having this on this latest offering, the Cookies and Mint!

This refreshing minty drink will give you a wonderful and delightful morning, afternoon or even night. Cookies and mint is, yes, made from Oreo and comes in hot and cold. The cold one has cream and Javakula, while the hot one has mocha that can be enjoyed by young and adult.

This drink comes best with Oreo Cheesecake. Yes again, this one is must-try when you visit Seattle’s Best Coffee.

It is a match made in heaven, giving SBC customers a hundred percent Oreo indulgence!

But if you are a big eater, and you want something to fill your tummy for a busy workday ahead, well, they have breakfast meals that are really big – big enough for two persons.

They also have delectable sweet pastries that I myself recommend then to you – a small bite of heaven if I may say.

And this time of the, as this most wonderful holiday gets nearer, Seattle’s Best Coffee has something great in store to its loyal customers – a gift box that you’ll receive once you completed that booklet that they’ll give to you.

So, drink it up and celebrate good mornings at Seattle’s Best Coffee.
It’s time to change.

Happy eating and happy holidays!

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