Friday, May 2, 2014

Kogi Bulgogi's Korean Chicken - Now Available!

Some great things are just hard to resist. Like the tasty and crunchy Korea's KPOP Chicken. Good thing, our favorite Korean restaurant, Kogi Bulgogi, is finally offering the Korean Fried Chicken!

Kogi Bulgogi has join in the chicken craze and they are now offering their own version of the juicy, crunchy and tasty Korean Fried chicken. The name came up when they thought of Korea’s popular chicken, hence the name KPOP Chicken.

Known as Yangnyeom chicken in Korean, Kogi Bulgogi's Korean Fried Chicken or KPOP Chicken is a dish prepared in a Korean style often served at home. Often consumed during meals and eaten at bars or taken as snacks after meals in Korean.

Kogi's KPOP Chicken is currently available in two variants - one is the sweet soy and the other is the spicy soy version. Soon, KPOP Chicken will have more unique flavors and will have more spice levels to choose from that are set to make your Kogi experience more delightful and colorful.

Other Kogi Bulgogi favorites that you can enjoy together with KPOP Chicken are Japchae, Soft Shell Crab Salad, Sae-u Twigim, Deungshim Gui, and Kimchi.

With this KPOP Chicken now at the fancy Kogi Bulgogi, I can't wait to try it wearing my Korean-inspired outfit that I got from Zalora! Wee!

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