Friday, October 18, 2013

Bounty Goodness from Bounty Fresh Top Torikatsu

If you are getting tired of having your same old chicken - or same old fried chicken to be specific - well, worry no more because with the new offerings from our favorite chicken brand, Asia's Best Bountry Fresh, your fried chicken dining experience will never be as dull and as "ordinary" as ever again. Offering something that is truly Asia and has that Japanese kick, Bounty Fresh is now selling Top Torikatsu of Japan. 

A popular Japanese breaded chicken cutlet dish, Top Torikatsu shares a unique fried chicken experience that young and adult can enjoy. And with its two great-tasting flavors that are set to delight everybody's taste bud, Top Torikatsu comes in Classic and Cheese & Chives flavors.

I had a wonderful time trying these new offerings from Bounty Fresh a few days ago, and as delighted as I was for there's this new twist to our ordinary fried chicken, my family, including my elder relatives and young and cute little nieces, enjoyed tasting and savoring these new fried chicken delights that are out in the market.

The Classic variant is filled with hot and oozing mayonnaise once heated, which is great when you are making a sandwich or planning to add texture and volume to your healthy salad or simply nibbling them while watching T.V. or during super busy days.

The other variant, which is the Cheese & Chives shares this tasteful and savory cream cheese that comes with bits of chives. This may also taste great in a sandwich or salad, but I think its flavor will be perfect for pastas and others.

But if you'll ask me which one is my favorite, hmm, that's a tough one because both taste really nice and captivating. Their texture and crunch brought out the child in me, so I really enjoyed having them both. And lastly, I love Japanese food - super, so I guess it is safe to say that I love them both. Hahaha!

What's best about these two new offerings from Bounty Fresh, well, they are so easy to prepare! In less than 3 minutes, you'll already have these great-tasting chicken set to share to you an exciting fried chicken treat.

Happy eating, everyone!

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