Wednesday, July 30, 2014

It's Raining Ramyeon at Woo Galbi!

If there's one thing I love about this all-day rain, it's definitely the chance of enjoying a hot cup of noodle from my favorite resto in the metropolis. May it be a Chinese, Japanese, Filipino or Korean, as long as its savory, filling and comforting, I'm up for it! And recently, I got to enjoy a truly filling flavorful servings of Korea's ramyeon or ramen from one of my favorite new restos in the city, Woo Galbi at Shangri-La Plaza East Wing.

Sharing delicious and affordable Korean goodness, Woo Galbi keeps on spreading the love to its growing number of patrons through its current promo - which I really, really love - the Slurp On Ramyeon, an unlimited serving of hot Korean ramyeon.

Ojing-O (Squid) Ramyeon

Dak (Chicken) Ramyeon

Made available in three soothing and home flavors - chicken, squid and pork - or in Korean, it's Dak, Ojing-o and Jeiyuk, Woo Galbi's ramyeons are just perfect for this season and more perfect for those who are on a tight budget. Because for only Php250.00 one can get to enjoy not just a bowl BUT bowls of this delicious offering.

Slurp On Ramyeon is available from Monday to Saturday, between 2 and 5 in the afternoon. This promo comes with a glass of iced tea, so I really find this one a great deal.

As for other dishes that I got to enjoy during my visit at Woo Galbi, I recommend that you also try their Beef Belly Wrap (Php135.00), Haemul Pajeon (Php225.00) and Tofu Steak (Php220.00). Of course, nothing is more delicious than the free appetizers that they serve. Haha!

(L-R) Appetizers, Beef Belly Wrap, Haemul Pajeon and Tofu Steak

The Beef Belly Wrap is actually new and a must-try from this resto. It's like shawarma only made Korean style. Hehe. The Tofu Steak is really good and smooth too, it actually made me wonder how they managed to cook this delicate ingredient so perfectly and nice.

As for the ramyeon, I find the chicken really comforting and homey. The squid, though delicious too, was kinda challenging because I find it a bit spicier than the chicken. I was only able to try two bowls, for it was really filling. Can't wait to go back, Woo Galbi!

Happy eating, everyone!

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