Saturday, February 21, 2015

Chinese New Year at Manila Pavilion Hotel

We may be in the Philippines, and some of us may hate the Chinese for taking some of our precious islands, but when Chinese New Year hits the world, there's definitely one big and colorful celebration in every little Chinatown in the world to usher this new beginning.

And last Chinese New Year, February 19, since the government finally declared it as a special non-working holiday in the whole country, I went out to somehow celebrate this festive day with some friends. Guess where our feet took us? Yep, to the newly renovated Manila Pavilion Hotel!

This Chinese New Year, Manila Pavilion Hotel highlighted the sounding and colorful festivity of our fellow Filipino-Chinese through an Oriental buffet that features the most amazing and filling dishes of our Chinese friends.

From their noodles, to their authentic dishes and dimsums that capture the heart and stomach of every person in the world, to their colorful and truly captivating desserts that share nothing but sweetness, we experienced that all in one day at the Season Restaurant of Manila Pavilion Hotel.

Good thing I was so hungry that day that I have a lot of space in my stomach to try every dish that they have for everyone. Fry, steamed, cooked in wok, tossed, and even baked, Manila Pavilion Hotel made sure that all their guests would feel the luck that they are aspiring for the Year of the Wood Sheep/Goat.

Aside form these delicious offering, Manila Pavilion Hotel also prepared some cool stuff for their guest to enjoy and to take home for their family or friends. One of these is the Fortune Cookie.

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Guests were also delighted to recieve a gift from the staff for this really awesome celebration!

From your Lafanggero, Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy Chinese New Year to all!

May this be a year of awesome luck and surprises to all!

Happy eating!

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