Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Lots'a Pizza Made Tastier and Healthier with Dole

For 25 years, Lots'a Pizza has been one of the favorite pizza brands out in the market. Smoldered by their very own mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce, combined with Pinoy-favorite toppings, the brand is making a great come back as it shares tastier and healthier version of their baked goodies with the country's top producer of tasty and delicious fresh fruits - Dole.

Ready to give what their faithful patrons deserve, Lots'a Pizza recently announced its exciting tie-up with Dole Philippines as its main supplier of fresh and healthy fruit ingredients for their pizza that us, Pinoys, truly love.

If you are one of those people who enjoys eating at a Food Court, I bet you would be delighted to know that our Lots'a Pizza now comes tastier, healthier and even enjoyable too, with its new flavors ready to satisfy one's cravings.

The 25th Year

Proving that one's a favorite will always be a favorite - Lots'a Pizza takes pride on their 204 pizza outlets and 50 franchisees in the country since it opened its doors in 1987. Serving both takeout and quick-served, Lots'a Pizza is proud to share that they are the only pizza chain in the country that provides Value for Money and has that captivating Filipino taste we all get to enjoy one way or the other.

According to Teresita Ngan Tian, President of Lots'a Pizza Franchise Systems, Inc., Lots'a Pizza will continue innovating its product, not just to satisfy their old patrons but also to attract more people who seek value for their money.

Tastier and Healthier Partnership

Marking this great year, Lots'a Pizza announces its partnership with the country's top manufacturer of high-quality fresh fruits and packaged food products, Dole Philippines. 

In a press conference, which was held in Makati City, Dole Philippines Marketing Manager Efi De Castro II expressed their brand's commitment in providing high-quality fresh fruits perfect to create those Lots'a Pizzas. Starting with Dole Pineapples, which are made from only the finest and freshly-picked pineapples, one can finally savor the all-natural sweet taste of these products in some of Lots'a Pizza creations.

Lots'a Pizza with Dole products include Manhattan Deluxe, Hawaiian Extreme and Pure Beef Supreme, which are part of the Premium Line; the Great Manhattan, Hawaiian Delight and Pure Beef Special, Pepperoni n Mushroom and Hotdog Festival, which are Lots'a Pizza's Bestsellers; and from the Classic selection, they have the Double Whammy, Roast Beef n' Cheese, Bacon Blaze, Hungarian Fiesta and Garden Harvest.

If my pictures made you salivate over Lots'a Pizza's newest offerings, kindly visit! Sadly, they still don't have a delivery service, but they said it is in the pipeline now, so yeah, drool! Hahaha!

Happy 25th, Lots'a Pizza! And congratulations on your tie up with Dole Philippines!
Happy eating, everyone!

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