Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Reunion at Caterings by Q Bistro

If you love something and you badly miss having it, no matter how far it may be; in my case, no matter how busy I am, if I miss having it and I'm dying to have it, I'll risk everything just to have it. Gets?

Well, it's nothing too serious - it's just  my favorite Roast Beef from Q Bistro, which has a new nest at Unit 56C & 56D East Capitol Drive, Kapitoloyo, Pasig City. And yes, finally, I got to visit this favorite resto of mine last Sunday with my family, who for the first time, met my favorite chef in town, Chef Mia K. Catipay!

Designed to satisfy one's desire for beauty, elegance and comfort, I must say that this new nest of Q Bistro is one lovely spot fit for a family or a group of friends who are looking for a nice place to chill out. Ready to fill one's eyes and stomach with artistically chosen designs and appetizing dishes, our Sunday brunch here started with amazement to the decors well put by the Q Bistro team.

According to Chef Mia, the three table setups that they have in this new place are just three of the table settings that the Caterings by Q can provide to their customers. So, aside from just focusing to one restaurant, Q is now happy to announce that they are taking catering services seriously and to a higher level. Bongga, di ba?

Assorted Pastries

I glanced upon their menu and believe it or not, for as low as Php400.00, one can already have a lunch or dinner buffet from them. With a minimum of 50 persons, this price already includes the use of tables and chairs with covers, basic buffet setup, basic floral centerpiece for buffet table, basic floral centerpieces for guests tables and standby waiters for 4 hours. The price is also inclusive of 10% Service Charge, 12.8% VAT and Local Tax. So yeah, I'm seriously suggesting this one if you are on a tight budget.

Roast Beef

If you have extra moolah, and wanted to go all the way, other buffet packages are Php500, Php700, Php800 and Php900 per person and for a minimum of 50 persons.

As for the food list, though it varies depending on the package that you choose, the basic set includes a soup, a fish and a pork dish, a vegetable dish, rice, dessert and a round of drinks. The dishes included raise as the amount of your chosen package raises. But don't worry, since Caterings by Q wants to make sure that their customers get the value of their money, Chef MIa assures that they can customize the menu to their customers' liking.

Arroz Caldo

Since we were just there for the Sunday All You Can Eat Brunch, I'd say that it was one fulfilling Sunday for us. My mother and sister are raving about Chef Mia's Fish Fillet, which I love too, but I told them to wait til they get to try her fish wrapped in bacon - oh, heavenly! And I miss that too! Haha! Her Carrot Cake is also a favorite mine, so yeah, we will be coming back soon!

I honestly cannot wait to visit Q Bistro or now known as Caterings by Q! After tasting all those wonderful and homey dishes again, I think we just both found our new home! Thank you for sharing to us your wonderful meals and amazing new place!


  1. I want to try this resto, do they still have the affordable buffets?

  2. It's been a year since you posted this and I want to ask if this Caterings by Q Bistro still serves these mouthwatering dishes? Thanks! :)

    1. This resto is now called The Round Table, which I recently featured on this blog. Read about it here: http://lafanggero.blogspot.com/2015/06/the-round-table-kapitolyo-pasig-buffet.html


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