Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fat Tuesday at Murray's New Orleans - BHS

If I'm not mistaken, this is my third year celebrating Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras here at Murray's New Orleans - Boni High Street. And just like the previous years, my night here was filled with soothing music and great food that are just perfect to have before the whole Catholic community welcomes the Lenten Season.

Last March 4, together with some friends, we kinda somehow welcomed the Lent with these really filling and colorful dishes from Murray's New Orleans in Boni High Street. Mardi Gras is one of the Western tradition, we at the East, are starting to adopt. And even though it is still attracting more attentions from Filipinos, here at New Orleans, Mardi Gras is actually an annual thing inviting passerby's to drink and be merry on the eve of Ash Wednesday.

Adorned with metallic beads, masks and classy lighting, the party here at New Orleans offered a some sort of relaxing vibe that local and international guests enjoyed. There was a live band performing from time to time, and the servers were all dolled up like it we were really doing the real thing.

As for your Lafanggero, of course, I was so busy enjoying their Mardi Gras offerings which include the festive Mardi Gras Nachos, the crispy and perfect beer partner Crispy Calamari, the surprisngly blending Oriental Salad and the tummy-filling Smoked Chicken BBQ.

Mardi Gras Nachos - Php265.00

Crispy Calamari - Php315.00

Oriental Salad

Smoked Chicken BBQ - Php399.00

Of course, any Filipino-style feast wouldn't be complete without our national beer - San Mig Light, and gladly, here at New Orleans, they have it alongside the great selection of wines and cocktails that complements to the night.

I didn't really indulge that night for I was so tired after a busy day at work. But I must say that I had a great time listening to their guest bands while munching my way on to these delectable dishes.

It's already Lent, and I believe a lot of you are already fasting now. My aopology. But hey, come Easter Sunday you can visit New Orleans in Boni High Street for the Easter Sunday party and eat and drink and be merry again, right? What you think? Hehe.

Happy eating!

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