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The Avida Food Hunt in Makati

Nowadays, finding a good place to eat is so easy - from one mall to one park to one subdivision, down to one barangay - this just proves how Filipinos love to eat. And recently, hosted by Avida Land, a food hunt was launched at the city that makes it all happen, through the fun and learning guidance of the one and only Pinoy Eats World Master Chef JJ Yulo.

Targeting the quiet and simple San Antonio Village, Avida Land invited media personalities and selected bloggers to the launch of the first-ever Avida Food Hunt - an initiative, which aims to showcase some of the newly opened and hole-in-the-wall food spots in the area that offers world-class pleasure to foodies and alike.

Avida Food Hunt Makati Map

I've been in San Antonio Village before, but I honestly didn't know - not until our chef-guide told us - that San Antonio Village here in Makati is the haven of fresh international ingredients, which are used by the high-end hotels and restaurants in the metro.

And through that, we were introduced to our first destination, the source of fine wine and delicatessen in the metro, the Titania Wine Bar and Cafe.

Titania Wine Bar and Cafe

If you are passing through Yakal Street going north to Manila, I'm pretty sure that you've seen or this place have caught your attention once or twice. Definitely a haven to wine lovers, this place offers a fining dining experience, which basically happens inside the Grand Cellar.

On our visit here, we were treated to a fine wine-tasting experience, and boy, did I tell you all how fun it was? *hic*

Six great tasting and truly remarkable wines imported from France, Italy, Spain, Chile, Argentina, California and Australia were shared to us along with imported cheeses, salami and grapes to satiate our wine tasting experience here. And though the Sparkling was great, I still prefer the Chardonnay and the Sauvignon Blanc.

After 30 minutes of learning the origin of these wines, and how to classify them base on color, aroma and taste, we were then asked to hop on our bus for us to try our next food destination - the Bon Banhmi.

Bon Banhmi Vietnamese Sandwich

Owned by Vietnamese couple Thao Ngo and Anh Le, Bon Banhmi offers Vietnam's famous sandwich that carries its signature French bagel-inspired bun, crispy on the outside and soft and chewy inside. Despite of having a hard time explaining to us their offering, the husband and wife managed to share to us that their ingredients here are mostly imported from Vietnam to keep the authenticity of the flavor.

And believe it or not, a Vietnam sandwich here, which comes in beef, pork and chicken fillings, only cost Php79.00 for small and Php99.00 for large size.

I enjoyed the chicken Banhmi that I had that day, but I think the pork and the beef are good too because the other who had these those variants had another slice. Hehehe. 

Oh, and don't forget to try their Artichoke Tea - it was so good, you would want to stay here all day!

Our third destination, which garnered so much rave from the participants, is a place perfect for those who love pork, who love Ilocano dishes and simply who love Ilocano's crispy bagnet, the 8065 Bagnet.

8065 Bagnet

A true home of Ilocano's most love pork dish - the Bagnet, 8065 Bagnet in San Antonio Village has gain so much attention due to its unique and enjoyable twist to Ilocano's most famed dish.

Combined with at-deco ambiance and soothing Bohemian music, 8065 Bagnet is a favorite after-work hangout place in Makati. And with a Bagnet that also comes in Sinigang form, Kare-Kare form or even in Dinuguan form, I mean, who wouldn't love this place, right?

I'll you'll ask me, the Bagnet Kare-Kare is the bomb! But I suggest that you also try the Bagnet Dinuguan for it offers that crunch, succulent and unique flavor combination that your Pinoy palette would love!

After that comforting and homey dish, our palette was then challenge as we move our almost-filled tummies to our next destination. Oozing with flavors that are truly Hainan, our fourth foodie spot was Mao Jia Hunan.

Mao Jia Hunan

Taking its name form China's popular province, which produces the spiciest of the spiciest, Mao Jia Hunan here in San Antonio Village offers equally good and spicy dishes that can fire up one's nostrils.

They shared to us their Spicy Fish Head during our visit. But since the owner is feeling so generous that day, he also asked his staff to bring our some Spicy Chicken and Spicy Cabbage too. Yeah, everything was spicy. But I must say that the Spicy Cabbage was surprisingly great!

The last but not the least destination that we raided is fairly new and fairly normal - in cities like Quezon, Manila and San Juan - and not in Makati. Chef JJ Yulo even tagged it as the only cake shop in the area that offers nothing but baked goodies, Bebe Rouge Patisserie is surprisingly brought to us by a Japanese baker who's love for sweetness comes naturally.

Bebe Rouge Patisserie

A beautiful plate filled with Strawberry Shortcake, French Macarons, Matcha Cake and the Coffee Cake with Gold Leaf on top, this ended our wonderful, wonderful Avida Food Hunt here in San Antonio Village, Makati City.

Avida Marketing Head Miss Tess Tatco shared that the reason behind this Avida Food Hunt is simply they want people to realize that Avida developments provide comfort and convenience to their residents. She told us that Avida communities simply show how close they are to everything and how easy for anyone who lives here to access the good life.

They concluded this filling activity by saying that this is just the beginning of something delicious. And though they didn't confirm it to us, they told us to stay tune on their Facebook page

They are also inviting everyone to visit their Avida Showroom at Glorietta 4, 2nd Floor for more details of the next food hunt!

Thank you, Avida, for this filling and eye-opening activity!
I really enjoyed it! I hope you'll invite me again!

Happy eating, everyone!

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