Tuesday, March 11, 2014

TGIFriday's: Continues to Share the Best of TexMex

Now, TGIFriday's fans will have more time enjoying their favorite American dining spot as it presents its latest offerings sharing the taste of Texas and passion of Mexico. Showcasing vibrant colors that are really hard not to notice, TGIFriday's' TexMex offering welcomes new 5 world-favorite TexMex dishes that are set to give you that festive and enjoyable dining experience.

Chili Ball Park Nachos

Featuring enchiladas, nachos, quesadillas and tacos, TGIFriday's TexMex offers that comfy yet exciting flavors sure to put one on lax mode.  Presented in big servings, I had my TexMex indulgence a few days ago - and I must say, these great food are just perfect to enjoy with friends.

Smoked Salmon Quesadillas

A good serving of deep-fried tortilla chips covered with rich cheese sauce, chili and pico de gallo is perfect for big groups especially if dipped into TGIFriday's salsa. Nachos is one of my favorite TexMex food, and really, Friday's version is just enough to make you comfy at happy.

For some unique twist on our most-loved quesadilla, TGIFriday's added smoked salmon in to it making it more savory and delectable in every bite. A serving give you 4 pieces, and I personally think that this serving is only good for one due to its goodness.

Friday's Tostada Nachos

The last one that we tried from their TexMex selection is this TGIFriday's Tostada Nachos. And needless to say, I really think that this is the best that I had that day. The jalapeno on top of every nacho gave this one a really good kick among the other dishes. But what I like the best about this dish is definitely the crunch made sophisticated by the cheese on top of it.

With these new dishes from TGIFriday's TexMex offering, I'm sure that you'll have more zesty fun time enjoying their place. The fusion of two things all rolled into these sumptuous dishes will definitely give you more reason to keep coming back to TGIFriday's. But I must tell you, there are still other TexMex dishes to try from this place, remember, there are new 5 dishes. 

So now, if I were you, I'm already calling them to reserve a seat, because you know how the place gets so full every single day!

Happy eating!

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