Monday, March 30, 2015

Organic Love at Pioneer St. Market

Just when you thought you've seen and experienced everything, here comes another place to check out offering amazing delights every single day - the Pioneer Street Market. A new organic food haven right in the heart of Mandaluyong City, Pioneer Street Market or Pioneer St. Market boasts for its artisinal image that is completed with a wide variety of fresh produce and unique pieces that will complete your "weekend" market hunting.

A wide lot located right beside HMR Store in Pioneer St., Mandaluyong City, Pioneet St. Market opens its doors last month to a number of food concessionaires that are eager to offer unique and must-have fresh and freshly made food items to set a healthier and more exciting options to foodies and non-foodies alike.  

Your Lafanggero chanced upon this place last weekend during my pursuit of discovering this side of the metropolis. A very quite spot, which is mostly surrounded by offices and warehouses, Pioneer St. Market offers a breather to working employees around the area as well as a wonderful food oasis for food hunters who wanna try something healthy but are still very affordable and filling.

A modern take to Pinoy food market, Pioneer St. Market offers a roomy two-level space, which can accommodate a good number of sellers and buyers at the same time. At the first level, this roofed and fully air conditioned facility houses small stalls that offers fresh produced on the left and baked goods at the front and right. A noticeable stall are to be found at the center too where wines and other processed food are being sold.

From herbal coffee to fresh fruit juices, to salted eggs that now come in different flavors, to detox juices that are perfect for those who wanna try healthy and new, and to unique take on our favorite Filipino dishes, Pioneer St. Market has so much to share despite of being new and somehow hidden from the typical food spots of the metro.

If you are looking for some fresh, green, leafy vegetables, you'll be excited to shop here once you see their selection of fresh produce. Neatly placed in woven baskets, lettuces that come in different form and style are being sold here. For some tomato-lovin', be ready to be wowed by their variety of red plums that I never thought we have here in the Philippines. And since it's already summer, season fruits are also made available here, as well as fresh flowers and potted plants

I was surprise to see how affordable these items are. It made me feel like I'm buying them straight from the farmers. In less than Php100.00 you'll get a good bunch of fresh lettuces or a kilo of fresh fruits that will surely add smile on your faces.

According to the vendors, selection varies every week, so there's really that element of surprise each time to visit the place. If there's one basket and food container that you'll like, you'll be delighted to know that you can even purchase it as well.

On the second level, Pioneer St. Market completed its shoppers experience by placing some of HMR's garden-related furniture pieces that are just eye catching and refreshing to look at. Prices vary depending on the pieces that you want.

So, if you are in a hunt for something new this summer season, it's time to visit the newest market in town, the Pioneer St. Market!

For more information, you can follow Pioneer St. Market on Facebook.

Enjoy shopping!

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