Monday, August 8, 2016

Zette’s Café: San Juan’s Newest Artisan Coffee Shop

Ever wonder where to hangout these past few days? If you are looking for a place where comfort and inspiration come together, let me tell you this secret place that I discovered just recently in one of San Juan City’s foodie hideaway – Little Baguio.

Owned and managed by businesswoman and art gallery owner Suzette Ramirez Hernandez, Zette’s Café is located at #28 Gen. Gutierrez St., Brgy. Little Baguio in San Juan City. An airy and perfect place for an afternoon coffee break or for some art appreciation day, Zette’s Café offers a wide array of comforting meals and dishes that will surely add some colors and inspiration to your day.

On my visit here, I was welcomed by its lush ornaments combined by some antique pieces that really add that inviting vibe to the place. Zette’s Café is standing right beside the owner’s art gallery, the Kulayara, so expect a change of mood and feel every time you visit this place.

For starters, I had a nice time trying their version of Caesar Salad, a nice mix of greens topped with croutons and parmesan cheese. It comes with a separate dressing, which you can add later.

Caezar Salad – Php200.00

What better way to spend quiet and relaxing afternoon in an inspiring place like Zette’s Café than by having some comfort food. And in here, they offer Italian’s most loved pasta dishes that we, Filipinos, also learned to love.

From the casual greens to filling pasta dishes, Zette’s offers delectable variety of Italian pastas that are just perfect to satiate one's craving. From seafood, chicken, to wild mushroom, they have something for everyone to enjoy.

Gamberi – Php300.00

Linguine in Wild Mushrooms – Php440.00

Chicken Parmigniana – Php 255.00

I personally love the Linguine in Wild Mushrooms. Nothing could go wrong with truffle oil, I guess. The al dente linguine pasta made it so comforting matched with a crunchy slice of pesto on the side, this really made my day. The price may be too high, so if you are looking for a little less price-y, the Chicken Parmigiana was kinda okay. The Gamberi was okay, give it's serving site and taste.

Zette`S Burger – Php 390.00

Fish Burger – Php260.00

For heavy eaters, or for those who wants to load more carbo, Zette's Cafe's burger are not just apple to the eyes, but also a great treat on your visit here. If other burger joints in the metro takes pride of their deadly bacon-wrapped burgers or double, triple or even quadruple pattie burgers, Zette's Cafe offers their cheese covered burger which is just as sumptuous as ever. Comes at a very affordable Php390.00, this burgers is consist if of a quarter-pounder pattie sandwiched by some lettuce, tomato, and toasted buns with white and black sesame seeds. Each serving also comes with thick-sliced French fries to complement the flavor.

Pot Roast – Php390.00

Salpicao – Php 440.00

For the ultimate Zette's Cafe experience, don't you ever, ever leave without tasting their Pot Roast and Salpicao. Though a little messy to eat due to its crumbling bread, the taste so great that you could eat all of it in a jiffy. But if you want something unforgettable, Salpicao is the bomb! My tongue is still craving of it until now. I seriously think that this is one of the many best Salpicaos I've tasted in my life. Just a warning, you may want to have some bread with this one. Hehe.

Carrot Cake – Php190.00/slice and Php1500.00/whole

Strawberry Cheesecake – Php150.00/slice and Php1200.00/whole

Choco Overload – Php150.00/slice and Php1200.00/whole

To cap off my visit in this beautiful yet filling and relaxing place, I got to taste three of their most decadents pastries starting with their version of Carrot Cake, a nice blend of citrus and sweets, this one is light and goes well with a cup of tea. II also got to try their Strawberry Cheese, which is actually my favorite among this bunch because of it's mild and smooth appeal to my palette. But of course, the chocolate-lover in me will also say that their version of Choco Overload is as sumptuous as expected. I wish to them all again soon! Haha!

For inquiries and further details, you can check out their Facebook page:

Happy eating!

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