Thursday, June 23, 2016

5 Must-Try Dishes at the Newly Opened Chibo Okonomiyaki Philippines

With the opening of one of the luxury hotels in the country, Conrad Manila, comes along the opening of its high-end shopping mall, S’Maison, which houses a great number of well-selected shops and restaurants that mall shoppers, fashion lovers and foodies will surely enjoy.

I was invited a few days back to experience one of the newest restaurants that will open in this part of Mall of Asia Complex. Designed exquisitely, depicting the modern Japanese interior design with a touch of class and luxury, Chibo Okonomiyaki treated invited guests to a great number of Japanese favorites that are set to satiate one’s Japanese cravings.

From their Okonomiyaki, to Soba, to Teppanyaki, Chibo Okonomiyaki will surely be the next Japanese food destination in the metropolis.

Just a little background, according to Mr. David Guevarra, Operations Manager of Chibo Okonomiyaki, this restaurant was founded in 1973 at Sennichimae in Osaka, a district famous for gourmet eateries. The name Chibo come from the flag mark of Hideyoshi Toyotomi, who is a powerful war lord in the 16th century. He is the man behind the Osaka Castle, which carries that flag that bears a pattern of a clustering calabashes.

Currently, Chibo Okonomiyaki has 63 local sores all over Japan and this is their first store here in the Philippines.

Specialty of the house, Chibo Okonomiyaki takes pride of their wide selection of okonomkiyaki. But did you know that out of all the variants, their Philippines store is so proud to share to us their Cheese Yaki, which you can only have in this store. Yes, they don’t have this in Japan – only in the Philippines! Haha!

Cheese Yaki – Php 280.00

If you are coming here with kids, I bet they will really, really love this one. With the hint of that authentic Japanese flavor, Cheese Yaki was so flavorful and oozing with cheesy goodness. This is their new style okonomiyaki with Cheese filling and topping, teppan noodles, beansprout, suji-konnyaku and pork.

For some seafood love, I’m highly suggesting that you try their Teppanyaki Hotate.

Teppanyaki Hotate – Php280.00

This dish gives a nice touch on our well-loved scallops topped with tomato, parsley and sprinkled with zest of lime and I think some butter. This is one of the many dishes that I really enjoyed, give its price and serving size.

For those who have a discerning taste, Chibo’s Wagyu Beef should be on your top list.

Wagyu Beef – Php1200.00

A high-grade Wagyu meat that gives tender and chewy feel, seasoned with salt and pepper only. This was the highlight of my dining experience here at Chibo Okonomiyaki. The price point for this dish is kinda okay, and it will surely satisfy you – in every bite and in every chew that you will make.

A wonderful fusion of Japanese and French Cuisines was also made available through Chibo Okonomiyaki’s Foie Gras Steak.

Foie Gras Steak – Php480.00

A melt-in-your-mouth goodness, oozing with bitter-sweet flavor that kind sums up the reason why one should visit Japan and France very soon. This as rich, buttery, and delicate is good ending to a wonderful dining experience here at Chibo Okonomiyaki – a bitter-sweet ending that I would to have again and again. Haha!

But for some real sweet ending, Chibo Okonomiyaki’s Blancmange with Mango Puree is the most fitting one.

Blancmange with Mango Puree – Php120.00

A refreshing way to end a wonderful journey in Osaka, Japan or should I say Chibo Okonomiyaki here at S’Maison, Conrad Manila, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.

For other dessert option, they all have 3 Flavors Ice Cream, which is composed of a scoop of Macha, Vanilla and Black Sesame Seed.

3 Flavors Ice Cream

With its ambiance, service, service size and price point, I won’t be surprised, Japanese cuisine lovers will be here more often. Happy eating!

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