Monday, January 25, 2016

The Pleasure hits the Mall of Asia

Just when I thought I’ve explored the entirety of one of the biggest malls in the world, I was surprised and a bit “kilig” to know that one of the pleasurable ice cream shops in the world is finally here at the SM Mall of Asia! Hello, Magnum Pleasure Store! Are you ready for me?

Last week, Magnum Philippines officially open its newest and latest Pleasure Store in the world here at the 2nd Level of SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City. A store inspired by its first Pleasure Store in SM Aura, Magnum Pleasure Store MOA offers a sun-shinny appeal as it strategically located at the Main Wing of the mall. Though, a little small and less private, Pleasure Store in the Mall of Asia offers the same delectable customized Magnum Bars complete with 18 wonderful toppings that you’ll surely enjoy

As one of the first few customer during its official opening, I had a marvelous time creating my very own Magnum Ice Cream. I was informed that in every Magnum Pleasure Store in the world, the 18 toppings available are divided in to three categories, the Classic, The Step-Up and the Experimental Toppings. There are 21 pop-up Pleasure Stores in world right now, and according to Magnum Philippines, each of this pop-up Pleasure Store has a local inspired topping that served as the highlight of every visit.

 STEP 1: Choose you Magnum Bar and toppings. 
STEP 2: Shake the toppings!

STEP 3: Choose your dip. Dip it good!
STEP 4: Pour your toppings on your Ice Magnum Bar and the Magnum Choco Chip.

For this Pleasure Store here at the SM Mall of Asia, they have pistachios, almonds, dried raspberries, Nerds candies, dark chocolate crunch balls, white chocolate crunch balls, caramel crunch balls, Graham crackers, corn flakes, marshmallows, potato chips, parmesan popcorn, Oreos, double Speculous cookies, sea salt flakes, dried mangoes, queso de bola shavings, and pastillas for the toppings. Aside from the toppings, guests can also find delight in choosing between Silky Vanilla and Chocolate for their Magnum Bar, and between dark Chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate for their dip.

STEP 5: Smile for the camera.

“Adventurous Eaters” will surely enjoy tasting their favorite Magnum Ice cream topped with some of the local flavors that are available here at Magnum Pleasure Store - SM Mall of Asia, like the dried mangoes, queso de bola shavings, and pastillas. As for me, I indulge on the most delectable chocolate combination I’ve ever had in my Magnum Bar – I had a Vanilla Magnum Bar dipped in Chocolate tub topped with Oreo, Dark Chocolate Crunch Balls and Marshmallwos and then drizzled with Dark Chocolate. YUM!

STEP 6: Attack!

Visit them now and experience a pleasurable Ice Cream fun at Magnum Pleasure Store SM Mall of Asia. Each bar will cost you Php120.00.

Happy eating!

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  1. Cool! Will ask my bf to visit MOA next weekend hehee


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