Thursday, September 27, 2012

Kung Fu Kitchen now Kicking at SM Manila

If there's second cuisine that we, Filipinos, would consider, I guess, there's no doubt that it would the amazing Chinese cuisine. Since their colonization, our country has been one of the steaming post of Chinese delicacies in Asia, that's why no wonder that in every town here in our country, there's that small but really filling Chinese restaurant ready to serve you with oily but delicious Chinese treats. And now, SM Manila brings another Chinese cuisine option ready to kick your hunger and fill your tummy with sumptuous delights - Kung Fu Kitchen - Feasts of Fury!

Peacefully situated at the 4th level of SM Manila, Kung Fu Kitchen is another themed-restaurant from the masters of theme restaurants Raymund Magdaluyo and Marvin Agustin. With a concept of a typical Chinese restaurants that we do see in movies, such as Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan's movies, Kung Fu Kitchen is filled with interesting interiors and colorful dishes ready to test your cravings.

Raymund Magdaluyo

Marvin Agustin

Get ready to be welcomed by these beauties then by this Chinese warrior statue. Well, at first it was kinda creepy, but you'll get the hang of it, don't worry, because the inside of this resto is very spacious that you'll forget that you are in a mall.

Complementing well to the red and black chairs, each table here in Kung Fu Kitchen is designed with Chinese newspapers that will keep you busy if ever you get tired of looking at their astonishing wooden walls.

And oh, don't forget to look up, because in here you'll see this woks turned lamps. Mr. Magdaluyo mentioned that their idea here is to give that flying woks scene that we usually see on Chinese movies' restaurant fight scenes.

As for the food, juts like any other Chinese restaurants in the world, Kung Fu Kitchen is complete with appetizing Chinese delicacies that are sure to leave a mark on your Pinoy palette.

For starter, indulge to the wide selection of dimsums here in Kung Fu Kitchen. From siomai, chicken feet, puto pau, cuapao, xiao long bao and their oh-so-cute- siopaos, Kung Fu Kitchen is ready to fill not just your tummy but as well as your eyes with their very presentable dishes.

Even though they still don't have duck dishes, Kung Fu Kicthen is a haven for those delectable Chinese chicken and pork entrees that come in big servings.

Perfect for two to three persons, a group can enjoy these dishes by spending a little less than Php1000.00. Not bad for some decent Chinese dishes, eh?

According to Mr. Magdaluyo, though their prices are a little high compared to other fast food chains inside the mall, he guarantees that every guest's experience here will be fulfilling since Kung Fu Kitchen is practicing their fine dining protocol.

I personally enjoyed digging on to those dimsums, so if you'll ask if I'm going back? Definitely, yes! I'll bring my mom who loves Chinese so much!

Thanks, Kung Fu Kitchen!
More pictures here.

Happy eating everyone!

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