Thursday, September 13, 2012

Eating Organic? It's more Fun in the Philippines!

I drink, but just occasionally, and one of those occasions is videoke session with friends. That's why when we were invited by the Costales Nature Farms, which can be found in Majayjay, Laguna, to sing-along with them during our stay there, well, what better way to enjoy a night of music than with the freshest of the freshest of their bounty - organically, btw. 

And that night, aside from organic pulutan, it was also my frist time to try Lambanog!

I prefer red wine or tequila or beer, actually, but since Costales Nature Farms promotes nothing but our own gifts of nature in a VERY organic way possible, almost every food that I tried here were if not served fresh were cooked in a very different way to keep the taste, nutrients and wonderful look intact.

When we arrived there, since it was already lunch time, we were served with these really drooling Filipino dishes.

Staff said that their meals here in Costales Nature Farms were prepared in a very safe and healthy way. No preservatives, no MSG and gradual use of salt, which at first gave me doubt if they will taste good.

Surprisingly, everything tasted really lovely! I actually went back for a second round because each of the dish was really sumptuous and filling! I never knew that it's possible to have something like this that is so delicious, without any artificial flavor added! And since Costales Nature Farms gets their ingredient right from their backyard, 100 percent assurance that each vegetable and meat are fresh too!

Ponkan Juice

But the best part about this whole organic lunch was probably these fresh ponkan juice that was given to us after and the really amazing spearmint tea that cleanses our palette afterwards. I SUPER LOVE THESE TWO!

Spearmint Tea

As for merienda, we had Quezon Province's Pansit Habhab partnered with toasted bread and then some cucumber juice on the side. I would want to eat that Pansit the "habhab" way, but since it was served on saucer, well, I don't have any choice but to ate it with fork. Hehe.

Pansit Habhab with Toasted Bread and Cucumber Juice

Majayjay is the last town of Laguna before reaching Quezon Province in this part, so with the influences of the said province, expect some stunning fusion of Laguna and Quezon Province in this lovely place.

And finally, for the "inuman" sesion, here are the food that we had that night.

Please note that all of the things that you see here came right from the farm of Costales Nature Farms. From harvesting to preparing all of these to us, they were graciously and generously shared to us by the staff and owners of the said farm. This is my first time to do drinking with these organic food all over me, so I'm excited and at the same time doubtful again if I will enjoy these.

From lambanog, which actually tasted like a good brand of tequila, our group enjoyed munching freshly picked carrots and cucumbers for "pulutan" dipped in this homemade and organic thousand island dressing. We also had this naturally salted nuts, which I personally enjoyed, the crispy-fried kangkong, which was eaten so fast, and my favorite, the French fries, which were cooked perfectly! Who would've thought that veggies are good "pulutan" too, right?

I never thought that I can actually enjoy something like this. From my all-time favorite crispy pata, chicharong bulaklak and chips, I guess I'll influence my friends now to try these healthy options just to give them variations and who knows, we can have a guilt-free "inuman" session in the future, right? Hehe.

Thank you, Costales Nature Farms for this amazing and unbelievable delicious and healthy treat! To organic and beyond! May the mother nature bless you with greater harvest!

Happy eating!

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