Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Turning Japanese-ah at Marriott Manila!

Do you love Japanese food? Those cute and the really tasty makis, those fresh and pinkish salmon and those rich in color and volume meals? Well, I do love them too, that's why when Marriott Manila announced that they are opening of their sizzling Teppanyaki Station, a Lafanggero must do what he must do - Lafang time!

Using the modern teppanyaki grills, which are propane-heated flat surface grills, Marriott Manila offers the typical selection that local and international guests can enjoy. There's the Gyuniko (diced beef tenderloin with vegetable in teppanyaki sauce); Tori (diced chickem with vegetable in teppanyaki sauce); Shake Teppanyaki (teppan salmon fillet with vegetable in special sauce); and Kaisen (mixed seafood with vegetable is sweet and spicy garlic sauce).

Marriott CafĂ©'s Teppanyaki Station is the latest addition to the amazing buffet dinner offering of this five-star hotel. Priced at Php1750.00, their buffet includes this grilling that only serves the freshest and meaty choices of seafood, fish, beef, pork, and chicken. This star station of Marriott Cafe promises to give the tastiest and most satisfying grilled dinner that you've ever wanted.

On my first dibs on this appetizing and exciting offering, I waste no time and asked for a plate of mix of gorgeously marbled diced beef tenderloin US choice and salivating seafood teppanyaki.

And all I can say is everything was heavenly! 

After having two plates of these wonderfully cooked grilled dishes, I headed to these Japanese cuties and cold cuts, which caught my attention earlier. I took a break from the Teppanyaki Station for a while and indulge into these really tasty bits! :-)

I also went for some more plates on this, so I actually cannot remember how many pieces I had that night. But one thing I'm very sure of, I'm so full after! Hahaha!

For other option, only if you got tired having their Japanese dishes, I highly recommend their Indian section, which is also full of nicely done Indian dishes!

Their kebabs and wide array of spicy sauces were the L-O-V-E too!

I personally think that it wouldn't hurt to have both since you are here to enjoy their buffet. Just make sure that you're a big eater or you have an empty stomach because you'll definitely eat a lot of their offerings!

Happy eating! ^_^

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