Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Experiencing the “Pinaka-Panalong” Crispy Pata, Lomi and Sumat in BellaVita, Lipa, Batangas

It was a shining moment for the food industry of Lipa, Batangas as finally a well-known property brand, BellaVita, recognizes the wonderful and amazing dishes made by its locals.

From the hearty Lomi, to the crackling Crispy Pata down to the chewy and oh-so-sweet Suman, BellaVita-Lipa, on the launch of its model units, invited a number of well-known food establishments in Lipa City to battle it out and be named “Ang Pinaka-Panalo.

Five well-known Lomi House, four favorite Crispy Pata destinations and amazing three Suman makers were took the challenge last Sunday, October 25, at the soon-to-be budding community of BellaVita in Lipa, Batangas.

Among the contenders are LBN Lomi House, Benok’s Lomi House, Hanzel Special Lomi House, Filian Goto and Lomi House, and Sizzling Lomi House for the category “Pinaka-Panalong Lomi;” Hanzel Special Lomi House, Tolit’s D Sizzler, Filian Goto and Lomi House and 3G’s Fat Crackles for the category “Pinaka-Panalong Crispy Pata;” and Aida Barcelos, Nida Apenado and Filian Goto and Lomi House for the category “Ang Pinaka-Panalong Suman.”

“We want to support Lipa City’s tourism in any way that we could. Lipa has a lot of potential and its food should be given more attention because they are really top class. If you want to try the best lomi, crispy pata, and suman, just go here,” said Barry Trinidad, BellaVita’s marketing manager.

Each participant was given an hour to prepare their competing dish. BellaVita’s Sales Operations Officer (South) Mr. Bullet Liwag served as the head judge together with Mr. Burt Aurelio, Project Development Team Leader(South), Mr. Alain Sazon, Project Development Manager (South), Ms. Ruthlea Bijis, Lipa Bellavita In-House Sales, Ms. Lorna Silva, Lipa Bellavita InHouse Sales, Mr. Jeman Villanueva, blogger, and Ms. Josephine Bonsol, blogger.

Guests and future homeowners of BellaVita townhouses also had chance to taste all the entries for best Lomi, Cripy Pata and Suman through free food tasting shared by the participants.

Hanzel Special Lomi House bagged the Grand Winner Prize for the “Pinaka-Panalong Lomi," Filian Goto and Lomi House was named the Grand Winner for the “Pinaka-Panalong Crispy Pata” and Nida Apenado won the Grand Winner prize for the “Pinaka-Panalong Suman.“

“BellaVita exists to support Filipino people achieve their dreams and succeed in life. We believe that owning a home is every Filipinos dream so we will help them achieve that by offering affordable and quality house,” Trinidad added.

Congratulations to all the winners! Happy eating!

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