Thursday, October 8, 2015

Beautiful Friendship over Seafood Island’s Sinuglaw Boodle

Friendship is like a good food. It has a nice combination of taste, full of colors that attract positivity in life and more importantly, it is something that money can’t equate to. I love having good food around just like having a good friend, who you can laugh with and spend the day in a very nice way.

Last weekend, I had a wonderful time spending some BFF moments with my good friend, Maan Pamaran, in one of the most convenient boutique hotels in the metro. A perfect break from our busy lives, the two us had an amazing “girly” pampering in the south through the wonderful amenities of our hotel and its neighborhood. And though the hotel has its own quaint and beautiful restaurant, we chose to spend our dinner at a nearby mall to see how convenient it is to be here in the south and to somehow continue my quest in discovering the southern part of Manila.

With all our excitement and hunger, our feet brought us to Blackbeard Seafood Island. A fun, quirky and adventurous dining place located at the 2nd Level of Alabang Town Center. This is actually not my first time here, but since, we’re so hungry and we couldn’t think of any dining area that serves really good food in large and generous servings, we went in and find a perfect spot where we could just talk, relax and eat – A LOT.

What better offering that will satiate our craving than having Blackbeard Seafood Island’s boodle offering, right? A generous and colorful mix of different dishes served in a banana leaf, Blackbeard Seafood Island made the boodle experience more enjoyable through a wonderful array of boodle options to choose from. That day, we chose their all-new boodle feast, the Island Sinugba Espesyal.

A filling and colorful combination of grilled tuna panga, tanguigue, squid, clams and mussels, steamed crabs and shrimps, salted egg and ensaladang lato, ensaladang mangga, kinilawa na tanguigue, and garlic rice topped with crispy dilis is what make the Island Sinugba Espesyal.

There are two serving sizes for this boodle feast, there’s the Good for 3-4 person, which is priced at Php997.00, then there’s the Good for 5-7 persons, which is priced at Php1590.00. And since there were just the two of us then, we just had the small one. 

As our order came in and occupy our vision, we honestly said to ourselves, “Oh God, we can’t finish this.”

But did you know what happened?

Since our “chikahan” went so juicy and our bonding moment went so fun, we didn’t realize that we’re almost done with the whole boodle – THE WHOOL BOODLE! Everything was so good and fresh! The garlic rice topped with dilis was perfectly cooked that it compliments really well with the seafood mix that were presented to us. My personal favorite among the selection were the ensaladang lato, kinilaw na tangigue and the grilled tangigue.

If I’m not mistaken, we spent a good and fun 2 hours at Blackbeard Seafood Island – Alabang Town Center. The staff were so nice who are all-smile despite of the number of guests who occupied every table and chair available. Most of them also ordered boodle feast, and if I’m going to base it from their facial expressions, they enjoyed it too – like us.

Thank you, Blackbeard Seafood Island. You never fail to share the goodness of our tropical country and without milking our pocket. Until next time!

Happy eating!

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