Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cabalen: Sharing Pampangga's Best All Day, Everyday

For 26 years, Cabalen has been there sharing Pampangga's best in their buffet-style dining. With numerous Kapangpangan dishes that are ready to suffice every Pinoy's craving on our belived Pampangga's dishes, this place has been a household name to every Pinoy no matter wherever you come from.

Inspired by the world-renowned Pampangga's dish, Cabalen has bee a center of gathering for years now to every Filipino who has Pampanggeno's roots in them. Filled with delectable and truly flavorful Pampangga's dishes, this has been my latest sanctuary to remember my lola, who introduced me to the world of succulent Pampangga's flavor.

Last week, amid my longing to my grandmom, who is a pure-blooded Kapangpangan, I found myself dining at his very elegant and classy Cabalen in SM Mall of Asia. If before Cabalen is only offering luncheon buffet, merienda buffet and dinner buffer, now they have this ALL-DAY BUFFET open to all!

For only Php468.00, you'll get to enjoy a mouthful of truly delicious Pampanggeno dishes that are sure to hit the right spot in your tummy!

Here are some of the dishes that I really love, and would make me go back here. These dishes are some of the dishes that my late grandmom used to cook too, that's why when I saw and finally tasted them again, everything brought me back to those days where I get to enjoy those home-cooked meals - Kapangpangan home-cooked meals.

Lechon Baboy

Crispy Fried Crablets

Balut ala Pobre

Kalderetang Kalabaw




Unlike before, Cabalen makes sure now that their guests, may it be local or international tourists, will enjoy their offerings. That's why they added now a small section of Japanese dishes to their buffet table to give their guests a more delectable and appetizing gastronomic experience


It wasn't that grand, really, but I'd say manageable. They have Japan's best dishes, so I guess, you'll also get to enjoy it like I did :-)

For just Php468.00 you can try these dishes all through your stay here, as well as enjoy the hospitality of their staff, the Pampanggeno way. :-)

At the end of this gastronomic recollection, I indulged to Pinoy desserts sweetness through these unbeatable desserts for me - Halo-halo and Biko! :-)

Oh, Cabalen, it was nice seeing you again after a very long time. Your look may differ now but that heart-warming Pampangga's best dishes are still there ready to comfort and make us all proud!

Congratulations on your 26th year! May you fill more tummies in 26 and more years!
Thanks for bring Filipino dish to the map of the world!

Happy eating, everyone!


  1. Kagutom.... sarap dyan eat all you can sisig, tempura, kaldereta, kare-kare saka yung crispy crablets.... can't wait to go there.

  2. imiss Cabalen.. Which makes me crave for kaldreta...

    BTW: new follower here:

  3. Thanks, guys! :-)I love this place na din! will definite go back. :)


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