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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Avalanche of Flavors by Figaro Coffee Company!

The sun is up again, and what way to celebrate the goodness of sun? Well, there's the newest delectable and refreshing treats from Figaro Coffee Company - a treat that will bury your taste buds to an Avalanche of Flavors!

Created to satisfy that sweet tooth, this Figaro's latest batch of satisfying swirlies are available in four delightful flavors that are a sure-hit to young and young-at-heart alike. I was able to taste four of them, and out of those four flavor , there's one that really stood out and made me feel the cool and arctic burst of its flavor.

The first flavor that I had from this batch was the White Chocolate Mocha Frost. The taste of this one is kinda ordinary to me, but if you love mocha, we'll this is the best for you. The sweet blend of milk and coffee  was really tasteful but since this is an ice blend, there was this like a minty kick to it. The white chocolate's purpose I think is just to make the swirl a little think. 

White Chocolate Mocha Frost

16oz - Php130.00
20oz - Php150.00

The next blend that was added to this Avalanche of Flavors set is this Figaroccino Caramel Chips. made from the original  Figaro coffee blend, this one has an intense coffee taste that are sure to wake up your senses. Adding more fun to it are the caramel chips, which is I think a first in a drink!

Figaroccino Caramel Chips 

16oz - Php130.00
20oz - Php150.00

Okay, for those chocolate lovers like me, well, here are two blends that I find really more interesting. The Figaroccino Cookie Crumble, which is actually topped with the world's favorite Oreo, is an interesting blend that you could get from this set. The awakening kick of the Figaroccino blend and the sweet touch of the cream with Oreo will definitely leave a smile on you face. I simply like the fact that this one is like almost hitting two birds in one, you have a nice coffee blend and a dessert in one. :-)

Figaroccino Cookie Crumble

16oz - Php130.00
20oz - Php150.00

And the last but not the least, was this pure chocolate goodness that is made from our very own tablea. Blended with choco chips,  Choco Chips Java Frost is my ultimate favorite from this batch. Oozing with chocolate flavor that is a real treat for all chocoholics of this land!

Choco Chips Java Frost

16oz - Php130.00
20oz - Php150.00

The sun is up, and it's time to cheer up! Make your sunny day shine brighter with Figaro Coffee Company's Avalanche of Flavors. I'm sure you'll love them as much as I did!


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