Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Clawdaddy's Harbor Point: Now Open!

To give that American dining feel that expats and local are loves enjoy. That's what Clawdaddy's aim as their promote the latest chain of this claw-likcing food store, Clawdaddy's at Harbor Point Mall, Subic Metropolitan Authority.

And with Mr. Raymund Magdaluyo, Clawdaddy's welcomed war veterans, locals, expatriate, tourists and many more to the blessing and opening party of the latest addition to the growing company of The Red Crab Group of Restaurants.

I, hailing from Manila, didn't miss the chance to experience a day of purely American dining familiarity, of course! And together with some friends, I indulge to a day of unique Western style dining that Clawdaddy's has to offer - and I honestly loved it!

Philippine Harmonic Orchestra

But before we go into food details, on to what to expect from this newly opened gastronomic pub, as Mr. Magdaluyo shared to us, American dining experience wouldn't be complete without music - jazz music. And with that, he cued the brass band of the Philippine Harmonic Orchestra to start!

I must say that it was really nice listening to a band like that while you are busy filling your tummy. And with as delectable dishes as Clawdaddy's is offering, well, sorry, diet, I think I'll forget you that day. Hahaha!

One noticeable and really an apple of the eye to drinkers like me here was their bar that is filled with great selection of drinks and comes in this really astonishing design.

According to Mr. Magdaluyo, back in Baltimore, Mary Land, where the inspiration of their American breakfast here in Clawdaddy's Harbor Point came from, Americans use to enjoy breakfast with cocktails. YES, COCKTAILS! That's why the emphasis on social drinks here in Clawdaddy's Harbor Point is really that huge that they placed it in the middle so that everyone can enjoy it.

Another icebreaker here in Clawdaddy's Harbor Point that added more American feel are the trinkets hanging on their walls, which, according to the staff, are mostly imported from the States. Mr. Magdaluyo really took time to make this branch for homey feel, especially to the visiting Americans in this part of the country.

If those things are not enough to convince you to drive up north here in Subic, well, I guess Harbor Point Mall of Ayala Malls will do the rest. It was by far more beautiful than the Ayala Malls here in Manila, believe me. And I honestly can't wait to go back there, to explore the mall and do shopping. :-)

Let's do Claw and let's go to Subic!!!
Happy eating, everyone!

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