Saturday, August 18, 2012

Yabu at the Mega Food Sale

One tummy-filling happening this long weekend is the most anticipated installment of SM Megamall's ultimate food fair, the Mega Food Sale. And since last night was a Friday night, and Friday means dining out to me, I treated myself to a night of modern Japanese katsudon in no other than the House of Katsudon itself, Yabu!

Located at the 2nd level of SM Megamall Atrium, this new talk-of-the-town Japanese restaurant that specializes katsudon or rice bowl topped with pork cutlet, egg and condiments, has been the rave of Filipinos since it opened its doors a few months ago.

I was happy that they joined the fun of the Mega Food Sale and treated their new customers, as well their loyalists, to a dining experience that is sure to hit that katsudon craving.

To my surprise, by the time I got at their spot here at the Atrium, the place was already filled with excited customers who were eager to sink their fangs on to those meat. One in-demand pork meat that you can have here is their Kurobuta, which is a Japanese term for Berkshire Pork. They say that its has this very tender and juicy meat that it just perfect even if they deep-fried their katsudon.

Unfortunately for me, when I asked them to place an order of that for me, they said that they just served the last Kurobuta that they have. It was really that in-demand that their supply wont last for a day. But luckily, Yabu has a very wide selection of katsudon offerings that I find more interesting. 

For other pork option there's the pork fillet, which is called here Hire, but if you want others, they also have here Chicken Katsudon and Seafood Katsudon.

I told you, this is indeed the house of katsudon! :-)

One more nice thing here in Yabu, they are here to give us nothing but the best. So, aside from those selection, they are also offering Mixed Katsudon meals, which is basically a mix of pork and seafood or chicken and seafood. Nice right?

As a special treat for the Mega Food Sale, which is happening from August 17 to August 19, they are offering unlimited misosoup for the whole weekend in every order of a katsu set. Plus, in every order of 2 katsu sets, you'll also get 1 FREE appetizer set of your choice and 2 FREE bottomless lemonades!

I ordered the Hire and Seafood Katsu Set and it is composed of hire, black tiger prawn, cream dory, scallop, eggplant and pepper.

I have an idea how good their food is, since I've read a lot of reviews about this place, but what some of the reviews didn't say was the service here was equally good too! Mon, the restaurant manager has been so accommodating to us, as well as their staff who never fails to be there when we need them!

And though the cooking or serving of food was quite long, our time spent while waiting for our food was gladly entertained by the cool interior of the place, which includes some comic strip promoting their katsudons.

We were served with these four kinds of appetizers. One is called Wakame, a seaweed salad topped with ebiko, which is my favorite by the way because it tasted like Japchae and not that gooey, really. Then, there's the Edame, which is young  green soybeans. Third is the Hiyayakko Tofu, a cold silken tofu cubes in ponzu sauce and sprinkled with bonito flakes. And lastly, the Superior Potato and Egg Salad, which is chunks of potato and egg, tossed in creamy mayonnaise-mustard dressing.

The Appetizers

After those fun-to-eat appetizers, I also had fun grinding/making my own katsudon sauce, so yeah, it was a great first-time experience.

Read the menu to know how to make this Katsudon Sauce

After some 10-15 minutes, my order came, and to my surprise, it was in this cute Japanese tray complete with all the condiments and fruits! The serving was so huge, that I know right then and there that I won't be able to finish it all. Hahah!

Hire and Seafood Katsu Set - Php475.00

I started having their Miso Soup, which to my surprise again was really delicious too. But of course, their cabbage salad has a better story. You see, I'm a fan of leafy veggies, well, except cabbage, really. But when I got to try this amazing cabbage salad that they have here, complete with that GOMA Sesame Dressing, it was really, really nice! And since eat-all-you-can cabbage salad here, I had another other of it! Yum!!!

Not only the cabbage salad is on the eat-all-you-can list here, but also the rice, so if you order a set of katsudon here, all for yourself, well, happy fiesta to you! Hehe.

The katsudons on my tray were all cooked perfectly and tasted really amazingly! Every bite was really a treat giving you the right value of your money in every crunch that you hear! I enjoyed the katsudon more because of that sauce that boosted up the flavor of the pork, prawn, cream dory and scallop that I have there. 

The only sad part that I find about my tray probably was the bowl of fruit, which is filled with slices of watermelon and pineapple. I do not eat watermelon, so, yeah, I only left with pineapple, and since pineapple's taste is so overpowering to my palette, I lost all the wonderful flavors of the katsudons and its sauce immediately.

Good thing that my tummy was really, really filled that I can let having that pineapple past. I wish that they have option for fruits too, and green apple or even red, would be on the list.

Bottomless House Blend Iced Tea - Php95.00

Thank you, Yabu, for these wonderful treats to all the food lovers of this country! It is our pleasure to have your delicious offerings inside our mouth and into to our tummies! And I can't honestly wait to go back there, to finally taste that KuroButa meat!

Thanks too to SM Megamall for coming up a such a delicious treat this long weekend, I hope you'll extend it til Tuesday, though, so that more people could enjoy this Mega Food Sale of yours!

Til then! Happy eating, everyone!

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